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Married to Tony mother to 2 children Lucas 23, Gemma 26 & her boyfriend Sean. Carer for 2 crazy Jack Russells. I'm dyslexic so excuse any mistakes. The Stitching Room is where I spend my time playing with Clarice (my camera) and Bernie (my sewing machine). Come on in and see what I'm up to.

Wednesday 15 July 2009

I had the BEST weekend

Trish,Annie & Natalie

I had the very best weekend in Loxton at a workshop organised by Trish at Almond Grove with Annie and Natalie.

Annie & Karen

Annie and Karen notice a trend here Karen is talking.

Annie & Karen

Julie and Amanda

Julie * Amanda


There was Lorraine and Lorraine(Loz).
The following photos show lots of people stitching which is why I wonder why I didn't finish a single project. Could be something to do with I talk too much.


Megan relaxing in a comfy chair but still stitching.


The Moonta girls.

Ali & Anne


Hard at it

Robyn, Natalie & Megan

The girls


There was Marc who was incognito for the weekend.


Peta brought a friend with her the mother had been killed by a car and she was feeding this little fellow with a bottle she was no trouble at all when not having a bottle she was happy to hang around in a pillow case.

A Baby

A Baby


and finally last but certainly not least the man that feeds us.
Trish's husband he wanted me to make sure I got the T shirt in.
If you can't read it it says
"I don't need to be educated my wife knows it all"


It was a great weekend now all I have to do is finish off what I started.

Friday 10 July 2009

Some would call it madness

and at times I would have agreed but now it is finished it was all worth it.

This is what I made for Charlotte.
Taken in sections because it is the length of a single bed.

Charlotte's Wall Quilt

Charlotte's Wall Quilt

Not sure about where that wombat is putting that hand?

Charlotte's Wall Quilt

Charlotte's Wall Quilt

Charlotte's Wall Quilt

When Adele is telling Charlotte a story I want to be the fat bottomed wombat. LOL

Charlotte's Wall Quilt

The giraffe was popular at sewing.

Charlotte's Wall Quilt

Don't you love that goofy expression.

Charlotte's Wall Quilt

I also love the ants.

Charlotte's Wall Quilt

They all had pink ballet shoes on.
The pattern is a Millamac pattern called "Dance like no-one is watching"

Friday 3 July 2009

Knitted rabbit and bag to go with it.

New knitting bag

I have caught the knitting bug after finishing Bailey the bear and stalking this lovely Blog. I bought Julie's little pattern here, I ordered the Debbie Bliss Knitted toys book from Fishpond and started playing. This is what I finished up with after a few attempts. I thank Julie for all the inspiration behind this little rabbit. I have tried to buy one of her originals but never seem to have fast enough fingers when they go up for sale.

knitted rabbit

Not happy with that......... I have had this bag in my head for a while so decided I needed a knitting bag to go with my little rabbit.

New knitting bag

New knitting bag

It has lots of room inside for all your bit and pieces. If your not a knitter then you can fill it with all your sewing stuff.

New knitting bag

One side has a button pocket.

New knitting bag

The other has a zip.

New knitting bag

I am in the process of writing a pattern for the bag so when I have it just right I will have a give away.