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Married to Tony mother to 2 children Lucas 23, Gemma 26 & her boyfriend Sean. Carer for 2 crazy Jack Russells. I'm dyslexic so excuse any mistakes. The Stitching Room is where I spend my time playing with Clarice (my camera) and Bernie (my sewing machine). Come on in and see what I'm up to.

Saturday 29 March 2014

Wedding making

Firstly I must thank Jan LITTLE RED HEN for this lovely gift that arrived in the post a couple of weeks ago. Jan and I met in Ballarat when I went for a weekend of crafty fun. Blogland is an amazing place, thank you Jan l love hand made gifts the lavender bag smells so wonderful.

I thought I would share all the making I did for the wedding first the invitations which started as this.


And ended up as bunting invitations.
Gemma, Lucas and I had a crafting afternoon and made about 12 sets of these jars which had candles in them.
Honey got bored and decided to sit on my side table so that she had a better view out the window.

Normally this table is covered with cotton reels and sewing stuff I must have decided it needed a dust.

40 metres of lace bunting
Fans for the ceremony

All those lovely crafty things and the wedding was over in a blink of an eye.

I wish we could do it again without the stress.


Thursday 6 March 2014

Where has the sand gone

These first two picture where taken about a year ago by my neighbour.

They are of Knight Beach which is in front of our house.


This is what the beach is like at the moment. Tons and tons of sand has washed off the beach.
The above photo and this one were taken from about the same spot.

This cavern would normal not be visible it would be filled with sand.

These rocks would be covered with sand.


In the middle of this photo there is still a little sand left normally this is where the sand starts.




You can see how much sand has gone.



I love this seat

I hope the sand comes back soon to my beautiful beach.