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Married to Tony mother to 2 children Lucas 23, Gemma 26 & her boyfriend Sean. Carer for 2 crazy Jack Russells. I'm dyslexic so excuse any mistakes. The Stitching Room is where I spend my time playing with Clarice (my camera) and Bernie (my sewing machine). Come on in and see what I'm up to.

Sunday 22 May 2011

Random stuff

I finally got around to finishing a quilt for Sean. He wanted a quillow I am yet to make the pocket. Not a great photo the wind was blowing.................. this quilt caused me problems from the start it is a really easy quilt when you cut enough fabric........... which I didn't and it went wrong from there. It is the same fabric range as Lucas' quilt. It is even more appropriate for Sean as it has a sea theme.

A quilt for Sean

Quilt for Sean

I couldn't help myself I went into Borders while I was doing the work banking and left with this.
Being a bit of a bag lady I couldn't go past it.
I am sure I will be making something from it very soon.

New book

How lucky are the kids of today aren't these just the best sprinkles.
Gemma came over and cooked some cup cakes last weekend and had these to go on the top.


I made this little basket as a shop sample it is from "ink and spindle". Lorraine is going to stock their kits this is one of them. Their fabric is lovely I have one of their cushion kits waiting to be made. I have the same fabric.

Little basket

Little basket

If you are not fond of spiders perhaps signing out now would be a good thing.
I am fairly sure it is a Golden Orb Weaver.
It has been at my sisters house for about a month getting bigger and bigger.
They are fascinating to look at. The small spider on her abdomen is the male.

Rose's spider

Rose's spider

Sunday 15 May 2011

The girls are 25

Firstly thanks for all the comments on my moan last week.
Last night Gemma and Lisa celebrated their 25th birthdays the theme was 1920's everybody put in a great effort and dressed accordingly.
Warning photo heavy post.
The birthday Girls
Gemma & Lisa

The Girls

Gemma & Lisa

Kev (Lisa's dad) and Al (Sean's step dad)
I think if I had been in a restaurant in the 1920 and Al walking it I would have expected him to produce a machine gun and shoot everybody........perhaps I watch too many movies
I am thinking The Untouchables.

Kev & Al

Lucas and Falf.

Lucas & Falf

Falf's boy friend Scott................... no matter what he had worn those dreads just wouldn't pull off a 1920's outfit.

Scott without 20's hair

me looking very pensive I was trying to fix Gemma's beads.


Alicia my niece and Sean

Alicia & Sean

Nick the only person allowed to use my camera.


The cake made by Lisa's mum Jan who is a great cook.

the cake made by Jan

The girls and cake

A bit of dancing

The girls

Sean, Gemma Liz (Sean's mum) and Al

Sean, Gemma,Liz & Al

Me, Gemma Lucas & Alicia

The Family

The family

The Family

Jan Lisa's mum and cook extraordinaire and Liz

Jan & Liz

Jarrod the golfer and Ben Lisa's boyfriend

Jarrod & Ben

Me and my boy

Leanne & Lucas

I am sure a lot of you know who Tony Robinson is but a lot of people think Tony looks like him here is even more proof of it.

Tony Robinson(Baldrick) AKA Tony

This is a most unusual post for me as you get to see me this will not happen again for quite a few years LOL.

Sunday 8 May 2011

Mothers Day and a MOAN

First for the MOAN.
If you read my blog you will know that I work at Hettie's Patch a really lovely quilt shop in Adelaide. I love working there and Lorraine the owner is a really lovely person which is why I can not get over the fact that people steal from the shop. Recently we have been noticing it more and more, for about 3 weeks in a row some horrid person was making a bag and helping them selves to Pelon a bag wadding. You might be wondering how we know this - we always take the small rolls to the counter and measure and cut them with a cutter the person who was stealing was just hacking off bits with a pair of scissors.......... nice hey.
Then yesterday someone who liked one of the Flower Sugar range removed ? metres off the cardboard bolt popped it in their bag and then stuffed the cardboard bolt behind a shelf.
It makes me sad to think women who share the same passion as I do for creating can do this........... it leaves a very bitter taste in my mouth. There are quilt shops all over the country shutting down as it is not easy to make money owning a shop - Lorraine constantly battle the internet where you can buy fabric cheaper than she can buy it.
I find that there is no substitute for a shop where you can go have a chat and a play and feel those wonderful fabrics - keeping the shop running is expensive Lorraine pays staff, rent, super, insurance the list goes on and I think she has one of the best ranges of fabric I have seen but if people continue to steal then one day no quilt shops will exist for women to get together and solve the problems of the word while doing something they really love.
Nikki of You Sew Girl has recently experienced a similar thing.
There I have had my moan and gotten it off my chest Lorraine would never rant like this she is much too nice a person.
To the people who are helping themselves I would love to be the one who catches you.

To a nicer subject
It is Mothers Day here today and this day 25 years ago I was in labor and I got the most wonderful present Gemma. How can that be 25 years ago it only seems like I blinked - I am so proud to be her mum she has grown into a beautiful young women.
Happy Birthday Gem
I have also been to the Bower Bird Market and here is what I came home with.

Bower Bird market purchases

a print from Bespoke.

Bower Bird market purchases

A cushion kit from Ink and Spindle

Bower Bird market purchases

a red leather purse to put my glasses in - in my bag.
and while I am showing you purchased 2 new pairs of shoes.

New shoes

Sunday 1 May 2011

Still learning uploading the way I aways do so am really happy with it all at the moment. One of Lucas' mates is here giving me pointers. It is always great to have a young person around to give tips.



Izzie by The Stitching Room
Izzie, a photo by The Stitching Room on Flickr.

Meet Izzie my new play thing. I have worked out uploading photos, bought an app to upload to Flickr and this is my first attempt. I love Izzie as she comes with most places I go. So if I find myself waiting I can catch up on blogs or play some solitaire.