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Sunday, 15 May 2011

The girls are 25

Firstly thanks for all the comments on my moan last week.
Last night Gemma and Lisa celebrated their 25th birthdays the theme was 1920's everybody put in a great effort and dressed accordingly.
Warning photo heavy post.
The birthday Girls
Gemma & Lisa

The Girls

Gemma & Lisa

Kev (Lisa's dad) and Al (Sean's step dad)
I think if I had been in a restaurant in the 1920 and Al walking it I would have expected him to produce a machine gun and shoot everybody........perhaps I watch too many movies
I am thinking The Untouchables.

Kev & Al

Lucas and Falf.

Lucas & Falf

Falf's boy friend Scott................... no matter what he had worn those dreads just wouldn't pull off a 1920's outfit.

Scott without 20's hair

me looking very pensive I was trying to fix Gemma's beads.


Alicia my niece and Sean

Alicia & Sean

Nick the only person allowed to use my camera.


The cake made by Lisa's mum Jan who is a great cook.

the cake made by Jan

The girls and cake

A bit of dancing

The girls

Sean, Gemma Liz (Sean's mum) and Al

Sean, Gemma,Liz & Al

Me, Gemma Lucas & Alicia

The Family

The family

The Family

Jan Lisa's mum and cook extraordinaire and Liz

Jan & Liz

Jarrod the golfer and Ben Lisa's boyfriend

Jarrod & Ben

Me and my boy

Leanne & Lucas

I am sure a lot of you know who Tony Robinson is but a lot of people think Tony looks like him here is even more proof of it.

Tony Robinson(Baldrick) AKA Tony

This is a most unusual post for me as you get to see me this will not happen again for quite a few years LOL.


seabreezequilts said...

Baldic's twin separated at birth I think....

Happy Birthday Gemma. And who was that sophisticated lady in the fur I saw. Looks like everyone had a lovely time

Simone de Klerk said...

You give a wonderful impression! I can hear the 1920 music playing and feel the party as if I am there.
Happy birthday to the young women!

Sue-Anne said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time. I love all your costumes and the birthday cake looked fantastic!

Kris said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Happy birthday girls. I have a daughter turning 25 next month!

jodie said...

Leanne, I love that family shot - you all look so happy, what a great party. Your hat looks great !

Chookyblue...... said...

sure your not married to a gangster........happy birthday girls..........lots of fun.........

Shay said...

You completely look the part Ms. Leanne. Way to rock the roaring twenties.

Happy Birthday Gemma (and Lisa). It looks like all the planning was totally worth it. What a fabulous party!

Pip said...

The photos show that everyone was enjoying themselves, it's great when all the partygoers make the effort and get into the theme as well. Your cloche would have been nice and warm.

BubzRugz said...

What fun to see all these... and it looks a great party... so good to see you too....

Lorraine said...

Great pics Leanne...the theme was great...and just the weather to bring out the furs!!

jodie said...

looks like so much fun! happy birthday Gemma. I love art deco, would love to have been around in the 20s and 30s. Great to 'see' you again too!

Marg said...

What a great night, so good to see everyone dressed the part. The birthday cake looked wonderful.
Oh so much like Tony Robinson, I'm sure they must be twins!

Shirley said...

What great fun you all look to be having. Love the guy in the plus fours and you all look so glam. Happy birthday to the gorgeous two young flappers. At least Tony wasn't dressed as Baldrick!! What beautiful eyes you have Leanne.

Karen said...

Great look Leanne. Dare you to come sewing like that. You look very posh !!

Elaine Jamieson said...

tt was great to see your photos Leanne I am on holidays and have finally had time to catch up with what has been going on in the world. What fun in must have been Elaine

Lynda Bosworth said...

You are so funny...seeing you was great...LOVE the hat..the 20's is one of my fav places in time.