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Wednesday 14 May 2014

Sugar free for a year

Last year on the 1st of May I decided to cut sugar out of my diet. I bought and read 2 of David Gillespie's books.

bk_quit_planThe Sweet Poison Quit Plan | David Gillespie

bk_sweet_poison_cookbook The Sweet Poison Quit Plan Cookbook | David Gillespie

I have lost weigh before and very quickly put it back on. In the past I would have eaten myself fat with all the upheavals of Tony's surgery and Chemo but I have remained on track.

I have lost 18 kilos and this happened quite quickly I have been the same weigh for about 6 months without putting on a kilo.

The most amazing thing about giving up sugar is ........... one sugar is put into every thing the other is I actually feel full.

In the past if I ate too much I never felt full now I feel uncomfortably full if I eat too much.

I have lost all this weight eating butter, steak, avocado, nuts, yummy full cream milk all the things you give up on other diets.

Basically it is going back to our grandmothers days and making everything let me tell you home made mayo and salad dressings are far more delicious that bought one.

All this leads me to my recent purchase

I bet you wouldn't have guessed it would be a wet suit, now that I am 18 kilos lighter I am more active I have always walked but now I swim.

I swim with some friends across Horse Bay

We walk around the bay and swim back across if you look in this photo we swim back to the white building.

That is me getting in I could not swim now without a wet suit some of the other women swim without a wettie. I think this is madness.

This was Mother's Day morning what wonderful weather we have had.

That is me with the yellow arms and red cap.


There we go across the bay

Back in March there was a Masters swim the following photos are of that.

I didn't swim in this ......they swim a long way.






Some random snaps

Before Australia Day someone claims this little island in the bay.

Another view of the bay from the other side.

Sunset from the balcony

Sunset from my kitchen window

A few weeks back we had a lunar eclipse

Not sure how I did this with the reflection in the back ground.

Tony had round number 10 on Monday so we can see a light at the end of the tunnel 2 more to go. It is a horrible journey and we can not wait for it to be behind us.