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Married to Tony mother to 2 children Lucas 23, Gemma 26 & her boyfriend Sean. Carer for 2 crazy Jack Russells. I'm dyslexic so excuse any mistakes. The Stitching Room is where I spend my time playing with Clarice (my camera) and Bernie (my sewing machine). Come on in and see what I'm up to.

Tuesday 28 August 2007


The other morning I popped into my favourite quilt shop and look who was working behind the counter. Here is Bert busy pricing the Jelly Rolls.

Sunday 26 August 2007

A Lollie for Hannah & homework complete

I know I have shown Lollie before but I made this one for Hannah. Lucas has been friends with Hannah since primary school. I really like Hannah as she is such a lovely girl she is always interested in having a chat and never fails to ask what I am stitching. She is 18 next week so I thought I would make her a Lollie doll. Lucas gave me permission which means in 18 year old language it's not lame. I'm sure Hannah will appreciate her.
I have also finished my last Loxton project. The pattern is from Leanne's House. I have changed the wording around it. I bought a pattern while I was a away by Viv Robinson which had this wording on it.

Saturday 25 August 2007

PIF from Jenny

Look what came in the post this week all the way from Canada. I was luck enough to be on Jenny's PIF list. I have been itching to show my beautiful presents but as I have worked all week I could not take any photos. This is another reason I hate winter, it is dark when I get home. Jenny made me a lovely bag and a beautiful tag with my name on it.
And look the card is just right as we have 2 very spoilt jack russells who endured rides in cars when our children were young.
I was really happy that I was on Jenny's PIF list as she does lovely stitcheries and make the most beautiful quilts. It is so nice to get a gift from another part of the world. I was going to put the tag on the handle of my bow bag that goes every where with me but I fear it will get ruined so I will put in on my sewing basket with the ladies on the side I think it will look just right there. I am not quite sure what I will use the bag for as yet but as I always say one can never have too many bags. I don't know why but when I say that my husband just lifts his eyes to the ceiling (men, they just don't understand).
THANK YOU Jenny from the bottom of my heart I love my gifts.

Tuesday 21 August 2007

Anne has finished her homework

When I got home from work last night I had a email from Anne she was in our group at Loxton. She had sent me a photo of her finished wall quilt I emailed her back asking her to send me photos of her other finished projects so I could share them. It is great to see everybody's interpretation of the same pattern.

Well done Anne I am still working on my wall quilt.

Saturday 18 August 2007

Awards & Tags

The lovely Nicolette has given me the "Nice Matters" award thank you Nicolette I am truely honoured.
I am not quite sure how to get that lovely pink picture over here so you will have to imagine it. Nicolette gave me instructions on how to get the picture here. Thank you again Nicolette I have learnt another new thing.

has tagged me for 8 random things

RULES - Post rules before giving the facts - Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves - People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules - At the end of the your blog you need to tag eight people and list their names - Leave them a comment on their blog, telling them they have been tagged and not to forget to read your blog.

So here we go
1. I spent 6 months working on a Kibbutz in Israel.
2. I was married in a registry office in London.
3. I have seen the midnight sun and been to the arctic circle.
4. I was born on Halloween(my children say that explains a lot about me)
5. I am taller than my husband.
6. My father,grandfather & great grandfather were all professional fishermen.
7. My husband is standing behind me and says I snore very loudly however I have never heard myself so that cannot be true.
8. I have not lived at home since I was 16.

I will combine my awards however some of these people have already been tagged or given a "nice matters award".
Leisa - Corry - Nicky - Jenny - Gail

That's about all and 5 is not quite 8 but oh well.

Monday 13 August 2007

2 down 1 to go

I spent yesterday catching up on my 365 challenge. I did manage to finish my bag from my Loxton weekend. Gail was our teacher on the first day she is such a lovely lady, it is a great pattern and easy to follow . I am really pleased with it.
A close up of the stitchery.
I have now finished 5 full rows of my quilt and am 1/2 way through the 6th.
I need to sit down and add some more stitcheries.
This is a quick post as sadly the house work is calling.

Sunday 5 August 2007

1 down 2 to go

I have been busy with my homework. At Loxton our group had Viv for the final day so when I got home I continued on with her project which was a keepsake basket. I decided that I would make mine a sewing basket so I changed the wording on the top from "memorabilia" to "sewing stuff". I did think that maybe stuff wasn't the best word however I consulted the family and they thought, stuff is exactly what would be in my basket.
The top is attached to the basket with ties at the back.
P.S. My PIF gifts were posted Friday one to America one to England and one to Queensland.