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Tuesday, 28 August 2007


The other morning I popped into my favourite quilt shop and look who was working behind the counter. Here is Bert busy pricing the Jelly Rolls.


Julie (Paddymummy) said...

Bert looks as though he is doing a great job...Violet and Rose do a great job in our house when in comes to puttng sewing projoects together..Viloet likes to do a bit of pruning in the herb pot also...Julie

Wendy said...

When I first saw the picture I thought WOW you have so many Jellyrolls...LOL Bert is adorable on the table helping out.

dutchcomfort said...

Bert is loving his job at the fabric store! Midas (my cat) always wants to lie on top of everything I’m busy with! Right now he helps me to make him a cat-quilt!

Nicky said...

I too was shocked about how many jelly rolls you owned! Then i read on, Bert is very sweet looking- is he available to assist with cutting and piecing fabrics too?? :)

meggie said...

Hi ya Bert! You look like one Cool Cat!