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Saturday, 25 August 2007

PIF from Jenny

Look what came in the post this week all the way from Canada. I was luck enough to be on Jenny's PIF list. I have been itching to show my beautiful presents but as I have worked all week I could not take any photos. This is another reason I hate winter, it is dark when I get home. Jenny made me a lovely bag and a beautiful tag with my name on it.
And look the card is just right as we have 2 very spoilt jack russells who endured rides in cars when our children were young.
I was really happy that I was on Jenny's PIF list as she does lovely stitcheries and make the most beautiful quilts. It is so nice to get a gift from another part of the world. I was going to put the tag on the handle of my bow bag that goes every where with me but I fear it will get ruined so I will put in on my sewing basket with the ladies on the side I think it will look just right there. I am not quite sure what I will use the bag for as yet but as I always say one can never have too many bags. I don't know why but when I say that my husband just lifts his eyes to the ceiling (men, they just don't understand).
THANK YOU Jenny from the bottom of my heart I love my gifts.


Unknown said...

What a lovely bag and tag Leanne, Jenny does beautiful work.

Jenny said...

It is so fun to see something I made all the way in Australia. I'm glad you like it.

dutchcomfort said...

What a great PIF! The bag and tag are so beautifully made! (reminds me of my PIF projects I have to work on...)

weirdbunny said...

WE have a Jack Russel too ! She's called patch and is totally manic !