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Saturday, 23 June 2007

Messenger Bird

Yesterday I picked up a pattern from my local quilting shop it was by Melly and Me. As always I have to get started on things straight away. The problem with that was, there was a crochet component to the pattern. I can knit but I have never crocheted anything, not even a granny square. So the quest was on to find someone to teach me how to crochet. It was 4.30pm so I headed around the corner to a neighbor who I knew was crafty hoping she might crochet. No luck she was sitting knitting when I called. When I got home Lucas's friend Nick was here so I asked him could his mum crochet. His reply was she doesn't play much sport at all! He thought I was talking about croquet. We had tea and I thought I would ring a friend who I thought could crochet no luck there she could also knit, but not crochet. It was now 7.30pm I rang another friend who I knew didn't knit and she said she could crochet. There must be a thing with knitting and crocheting. She was dropping her daughter to a friends at 8.00pm so she said she would call by and give me a quick lesson.

This way my first attempt.

This was my second attempt.

Then finally third time I was happy. Complete with Messenger Bird.

It has been a beautiful day here today a really cold morning but a lovely clear day. I crocheted the third nest while sitting watching Lucas play football. They won which is always a good thing.

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dutchcomfort said...

I love the bird, I also love the way you struggled with the crochet! Not having crafting friends or neighbours I always try to find those things on the internet, just by googling ‘crochet’. There are many sites where they explain knitting, crochet, stitching etc. with pictures. But of course it’s more fun when someone shows you how to. And.. do you love to crochet?