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Saturday, 12 January 2008

Awards & morning walk

I was given this award by Lesley and Christine I thank them both - if you head over to their blogs you will see there is a bit of a theme happening there they both have great header picture(along with great blogs)........ I love dogs.

The rules for this award say to choose up to 10 people whose blog brings you happiness & inspiration and makes you feel happy about Blogland. Let them know by posting a note on their blog so they can pass it on.

I expect some of these people have already been given this award but these are some of the blogs I read that put a smile on my face.

1. Lucy - she is full of inspiration
2. Monkee Maker - she just makes me laugh - god mother to Mel
3. May Kristin - her work is lovely and those snow photos where fantastic
4. May Britt - She inspired me to start blogging
5. Anja - Even though I can not read her blog her work in great
6. Nicolette - one of the most giving bloggers
7. Grazia - once again great work
8. Cicero sings - she lives in an interesting place
9. Khris - a new blogger to little old Adelaide
10. Lesley and Christine - both full of inspiration
There are so many great blogs out there these are just a few.

Each morning I go for a walk so I thought I might share that with you. I walk past this house each morning and it always makes me smile I wonder if the owners know how much the seagulls love their roof. They never congregate on other roofs like they do on this one.
They also leave there little calling cards.
This is where I walk around the lake.

There are always lots of fishermen. Some on the waters edge
Some in their canoes

I often see this man with his very unruly dog he lets it off the lead for a run then he gets his exercise chasing it around trying to catch it again. It chases the birds out into the water.
It wouldn't be a morning walk without my friend the pelican
and the seagull
Wishing you a lovely peaceful weekend.


Simonetta said...

Hi Leanne, thank you for your beautiful foto!

Locket Pocket said...

Thank you so much for the award Leanne! Love the photos and particularly the pelican and seagull - I have a particular fondness for seagulls! Lucy x

Gail said...

such a beautiful place to live..

Katie said...

What a wonderful place to walk!

Nicky said...

I guess that roof must represent the summer version of snow in Adelaide!

dutchcomfort said...

Congratulations and thank you for the award!
The photos are beautiful!

Mrs Moog said...

Hi Leanne,
I'm so pleased you are pleased with your award! and thanks for returning the favour :)
Lovely photos of your morning walk and I'm most impressed with the pelican!
Hope you have a lovely weekend,
lesley x

Jenny said...

Wow, those pictures of your morning walk put me right in a happy place. They reminded me of a vacation spot where there was a beautiful lake with a walking path around it. Such a nice way to start the day. I walk most days too but the scenery isn't like that. That is part of my "one day" dream house plan, to have beautiful, quiet walking areas near by.

Grazia said...

Thank you very much for the award Leanne!!!!!!
I can't believe it....it's a great honour for me receiving it from you!!!
Once again thanks for the wonderful pictures of your country....

Grazia said...

I gave to you one of my ten!!!!
...have a look at my blog...:):)

Monkee Maker said...

Hi Leanne,

Thanks you so much for thinking of me when handing out your awards .... and God Mother to Mel? I'm touched :)

Your pictures are stunning and wow! You have a good zoom on that camera! Your morning walk looks lovely, thanks for sharing it with us.


ps. Obviously all that blue sky and water made me jealous, but I'm really trying to get over that emotion, honest ....

May Britt said...

Thanks for giving me this award. Your blog is also one that makes me smile and that Ilove to visit. You live on a very beautiful place. I wish I could go for a walk there with you.

Jodie said...

Beautiful photography - just stunning.

corry said...

congrats on the award! What a beautiful photos!

Anonymous said...

oooooh, what beauiful photos!!!! I so want to live near the water one day!!

Annie said...

Thanks for sharing your morning walk. The exercise will save me going to the gym today!

meggie said...

Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing your morning walk.

weirdbunny said...

Thats a mightly immpressive area to live in !

anne said...

Hi I found your blog by accident when looking for the 12 Days of Christmas pattern by Hatched and Patched. I have saved you in favourites so I can return and look at your piccies. I love your finished stitchery of 12 Days. I was wondering if you could tell me where you got the pattern as I have tried the website of H & P and it does not appear to be on it. Please, please help as I would like to stitch this for Christmas 2008 . I am an exAdelaide gal and lived at West Lakes for a while then I moved to Port Noarlunga. Just wondering if these piccies are nearby. Happy Stitching. My email is mad26anne@yahoo.com.au

Unknown said...

Wow! What a beautiful place to walk each morning! Beautiful place to live!! Great photos.