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Monday 3 November 2008

We're back


Mel @ friend Montville

We are back from a lovely 2 weeks away in Queensland.
Mel met some of the local wildlife .........met Trev the Turkey.

Mel in Montville

We went for a lovely walk in the Kondillila Falls National Park.
Mel liked this sign.

Mel in Montville

He thought this was O.K. - because he isn't domestic.

Mel in Montville

Then he was outraged by this one.

Mel in Montville

He couldn't quite understand this one.
Then I explained it involved a very long walk and he was happy not to follow.

Mel in Montville

He had a little play.

Mel in Montville

He just sat and enjoyed the scenery.

Mel in Mooloolaba

Then it was off to Mooloolaba.

Mel in Mooloolaba

Look what I have to put up with and my family say I'm the silly one.

Mel in Noosa

At Noosa Mel enjoyed the pool area.
Please note the sun lounge, hat etc was not mine I don't do laying by the pool.

Mel in Noosa

He couldn't work out what this was.

Mel in Noosa

Then he realised it was a bar he dragged Tony in there and demanded a drink.
Thankfully it was not open in the morning.

Mel in Noosa

He was going to go for a swim but with no life guard on duty I said I wouldn't jump in to save him and again he might shrink.

Mel in Noosa

He was determined to go for a swim and thought this nice little girl might lend him her floaty.

Mel in Mt Tamborine

At Mt. Tamborine he met the locals ........well he thought it was the locals.

Mel in Mt Tamborine

Then he started getting a little too familiar.

Mel in Mt Tamborine

He wanted to visit this shop------edit I wanted to visit his shop.

Mel in Mt Tamborine

See what happens when you can't actually do anything yourself.

Mel at Seaworld

Then it was off to Seaworld

Mel at Seaworld

A quick tour around on the Monorail.

Mel at Seaworld

Mel at Seaworld

Mel at Seaworld

It wouldn't be a trip to Seaworld without a chat to a dolphin.

Mel at Seaworld

Then he & Tony spotted these pretty girls.

Mel at Seaworld

We stayed at my friend Kerry's house as they have traveled all around the world......... Martin her husband has a large collection of masks------ Mel thought he should join the group.

Martin's mask wall

One morning we got up and Mel was dressed and ready to head off to Byron Bay.
Only the Aussies will get this and the 31st was Bandana day hence the Canteen Bandana.


We had a lovely day at Burleigh Heads Mel only wanted this photo taken to make Sean jealous as it is Seans favourite place ...funny about that seeing it has surf.

Mel at Burleigh Heads

Then he got really excited because this bride and groom spotted him and wanted him in their wedding photo -------his faith was restored he isn't an ageing forgotten movie star.

Mel at Burleigh Heads

Then when it came time to leave Mel & I thought he would like to stay with Kerry in Queensland.
Unlike me he can hide very well in the Mango tree.

Mel at Kerry's


Christine said...

Great photos. Hope you had as much fun as Mel.

Kris said...

It sounds like you all had a great time! (So jealous! I love Kondalilla Falls)


You aussies are great, wish I could visit your country again,

Keep up the great patterns, I love them.

Kind regards,


Quilter Going Bananas said...

I see that Mel (and the 2 of you) had a fab time on your 2 week holiday! Good thing Mel doesn't mind having his pic taken.......Does Mel have any relatives over here in Canada? QGB

Anonymous said...

Ha! Great pictures... love the bandanna pic! Looks like a great time was had by all :)

Cicero Sings said...

What a fun holiday. I can see that Mel is a bit hard to rein in at times but you do it admirably ... and you still leave him with the feeling he's had a good time. Good thing that bar was closed ... man, wanting a beer in the morning ... could be indicative of an underlying problem! Such a good Mom you are ... that's all I can say.

Anyway, I'm thinking it would be good to be the size of Mel ... one could go on a lot of vacations ... for free! Just tuck right into suitcases, carry ons etc. Yep, what a way to see the world. Lucky Mel.

Sew Fab Martha said...

Looks like you had a fun vacation!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I received my fabulous package of photos with the bonus of some of your beautiful notecards!
You are a gem!!!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant pictures! It looks like the three of you had a fabulous holiday .... I love the 'Mel and the Masks' and 'Mel gatecrashing a wedding' shots!

.... but you didn't really leave him in Queensland, did you??


Locket Pocket said...

Fab photos Leanne - sounds like you ALL had a lovely time! Lucy x

seabreezequilts said...

Welcome back looks like you had a lovely relaxing time.

Pat said...

Welcome home. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. That Mel is a little scamp...but sooo cute.

Crafty Things said...

Welcome back. Aren't holidays just great. Looks like you all had a fabulous time.

Renee said...

looks like you all had a great time! I love the pic of Mel with the bride and groom :)

Kathryn said...

Leanne, Loved the post. That Mel may have a bit of the naughties Me thinks.
Graet Photos.
With Smiles
Kathryn in the Loft

G'G'ma said...

Wonderful photos of a great trip. Loved Mel with the bride and groom.

Sarah said...

Welcome back and what a great post!

Nicky said...

Amazing photos! Looks like you had a great time- Mel sure looks like he had a ball too!

Anonymous said...

lovely pics , Mel looks like he had a whale of a time
lisa x

Mrs Moog said...

Great photos of Mel's holiday!! I hope you two enjoyed it too!

I just love the photo of the seal with the hat on :-)


Dawn said...

Fun post! Looks like Mel had a fantastic holiday...I'm glad he took you along!

Stina Blomgren said...

Oh Leanne...hope you had the best of times on your vacation...even if Mel sure kept you busy...;o)
Lovely photos!!

Cathy said...

Welcome back Leanne, Tony and Mel!! Love the Bryon Bay Mel...so Cool!!! CAthy

Trudi said...

Welcome home! Looks like Mel had a great time but what about you??? Visit any great fabric shops? Just love the photo of Mel and the bridal couple- did you get their address so you can send them a copy?

Jenny said...

You certainly did a lot in two weeks-great and amusing photos!

Chookyblue...... said...

looks like a great time away.......did you get to Mt Tambourine Botanic gardens???..........

jacquie said...

what a fabulous trip...and mel, so enjoyed your exploits!

Unknown said...

Love all your Pics...Looks like a Great Time had by All...even Mel.!! he must be Tired after His Big Trip..No Doubt he is Resting now.

Kylie said...

Looks like you all had a great time - LOL at the BB pics - Nice Mel!

dutchcomfort said...

What a wonderful tour!! Thanks for sharing so much OZ beauty and so much Mell!!

Beertje Zonn said...

What a lovely photos!
Kind regards,

Beertje Zonn

Bimbimbie said...

lol*!* Looks like Mel had a brilliant holiday, I'm sure he's brought luck to the newly weds too*!*

Levin said...

envy doesn't even begin to describe how i feel after reading this! looks like you all had fun. hope you're feeling relaxed and well rested!

Anonymous said...

Hi Leanne, thanks for the pics, glad you had a good holiday. Regards Lyn

May Kristin said...

Wow! What a wonderful vacation the three of you had! Thank you for the tour!

Anonymous said...

these photos are sooo delightful, they really made me smile, very cute