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Saturday 6 December 2008

Mel goes skydiving a few other things

I made this pin cushion last night it is an Anni Downs pattern "Larry the Lamb" it is one of those things that when you have made it you just love it. I will make some more as gifts. I even sourced some silica sand which makes it feel really great.

Pin cushion

I also made this bag as a shop sample for Hettie's Patch.

Bag outside

Bag inside

For Sean's birthday Gemma bought him a Parachute jump....it wouldn't be a day out without Mel tagging along.

Skydiving 23/11/2008

It was a nice day with a gazillion flies.....Mel desperately wanted to jump out of the plane but due to Oc health and safety he was not able to(take that as I couldn't get anyone to strap him to their chests and jump out of a plane).

Skydiving 23/11/2008

he just had to hang around and watch.

Skydiving 23/11/2008

Benny is a seasoned jumper coming up to his 150th jump he has all the right gear which is important when your jumping out of a plane.

Skydiving 23/11/2008

This is Lisa and it was her second jump she is Benny's girlfriend and they are friends of Gemma & Sean. I was mighty temped to have a go myself as she got to jump strapped to the front of that very nice looking man ......

Skydiving 23/11/2008

This is part of the preamble I'm pretty sure it's nothing like the real thing.

Skydiving 23/11/2008

Here she is coming into land.

Skydiving 23/11/2008

Only Lisa can land a parachute jump waving like a princess.

Skydiving 23/11/2008

Skydiving 23/11/2008

This gives you some idea of it all............ this was Sean jumping.

Skydiving 23/11/2008Skydiving 23/11/2008Skydiving 23/11/2008Skydiving 23/11/2008

Skydiving 23/11/2008

When we got to the sky diving place there were heaps of other people there some who jump all the time others like Sean and Lisa doing tandem jumps. Gemma & Lucas tolerate Mel but I have to behave myself while around their friends however Lisa and Benny have been out and about before with Mel. I put Mel down on my camera bag alongside Gemma and went for a walk. A little time later Gemma came up to me and said a man had come up to her and said "I know that monkee it is on the internet sitting on a bike" She answered it's my mums and she is a bit mad.......my answer would have been why are you trawling women's quilting blogs???????.
Mel was just excited..... like the good old days he can't go anywhere without being recognised.

I went to Ikea today and bought a

frog in a funnel

frog and a funnel as you do.


Lorraine said...

I thought you were buying stuff for work???!! So Mel is famous out there in blog land......! People will be asking for autographs next!

Jeni said...

I thought Mel was a older person with health problems....when you said that they wouldn't let him fly......anyway I am with you Mel feet on the ground ...looking on ...love the story

Crafty Things said...

Pity no-one would strap him on. I am sure he would have loved every minute of it.

Nice to see his fame increasing!

Riches Stitches said...

Love that pincushion. Was wondering where you got your silica sand from?? or is it a secret source. Looks like your monkey is having a great time and I love the items you bought at Ikea.
Jane 8o)

Stina Blomgren said...

Love your version of larry...have bought the kit...but not made it yet...still waiting for my filling to come... wanted crushed walnut in it...;o)
Ahhh...so brave they are...never in my life I would say...not hat Im afraid to hights...but pheeew...just the feeling...no Im not that brave!!
The bag is lovely!!

Jo in TAS said...

I wish we had Ikea in Tassie, that frog is too cute! Green is my favourite colour.
Very brave kids jumping out of planes!

Anonymous said...

very cute pincushion -- there is no way you would get me jumping out of a blame even with the very nice man -- very brave.Poor Mel , maybe another time... love the frog
lisa x

Cicero Sings said...

I'm with periwinkle ... no jumping from planes for me either.

Froggie may make a nice companion for Mel ... they match! Of course, Mel may not want to share his fame with anyone!!! Mel really gets around he does.

Sorrow said...

I am still howling with laughter over the " why are you trawling a quilting blog?!!!!" comment!
that is so funny!
I think I would have been freaked out myself...
not that i don't love Mel, and have a photo of him hanging on my pin board ( thank you very much)
but then I quilt!

Chookyblue...... said...

maybe you need to bring some show and tell on Sat...........love it all........

Chookyblue...... said...

opps delete the last one.......Love the pincushion and bag........the kids can do the sky jumping......not for me.........and why oh why was that man looking at your blog?????

Cheryl said...

Great pictures and stories about Mel!!! I was at IKEA yesterday and bought my grandson a cuter then cute frog bathtowel, with the frog hat head!

Sarah said...

Oh wow looks like they had an AWSOME time. I so want to have a go but with little children wont do it. I loved the story and would be VERY interested to the mans story LOL. GO ON have a go Leanne!

Kris said...

Well, I don't think that man was freaky or strange at all. I quite often show my husband photos from blogs I am looking at that are cool or amusing. (Let's face it, Mel is cool!) So maybe he has a quilting wife. Or maybe he googled the whole motorcycle thing and up popped Mel and a motorcycle. Mel certainly would be remembered!

As for Ikea - I just love that place! And jumping out of planes is just plain crazy! (So glad Mel was grounded. Too scary!)

Locket Pocket said...

How fantastic that Mel is being recognised!!! Shame no-one would let him do a jump though! Lucy x

Kathryn said...

Mel gets around, and as for being recognised well woo..hoo..Hope Mel wont get jealous of Mr Frog.
Looks like fun that skydiving lark, but not for me... Well maybe strapped to that fellow you mentioned...LOL
With Smiles

Terry said...

I love Larry the lamb! And those skydiving pictures are priceless! I'm glad it was them and not me!
BTW...I've nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger award! You can find the details on my blog! :0)

Mrs Moog said...

I love your pincushion!!

How exciting to meet one of Mel's fans! Shame he didn't get to skydive this time though!!

I love your Ikea purchases - gave me a giggle :-)


Pip said...

I too, often show my husband photos on blogs, so I don't think it is too strange. I shall certainly be showing him these, he was out there at Lower Light about a month ago when his grandson was having a tandem jump. No jumping for me though, I have done it once and that was enough. Loving Larry the lamb.
take care

Nicky said...

Leanne! What a lovely pincushion (I think I am in love!). I find it really hard to get nice wool felt. Where do you get yours from and what is the pattern's name?
Nicky xo

Sweet P said...

Your bag is adorable. Mel sure knows how to have fun! And now he's a star!

Teresa said...

Love the pincushion..the bags....hmmm, I'll pass on the skydiving.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

love the pincushion and what a great day!!! This is something I have always wanted to do but don't know if I ever will, it is great to see the photos and dream!! I am petrified of being stuck in a plane but jumping out of it sounds amazing!!! Crazy, huh??

Sheri said...

I love the frog in a funnel.
Lisa looks very much like my DDIL Barb I'll have to find a picture of her and put it on my blog for you to see.

Christine said...

I love your pincushion ... have the pattern but not made it yet! Your bag is lovely ... it this the one you designed. I always enjoy Mel's adventures ... how funny the guy had seen him on the internet. You just never know who your readers really are!