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Thursday, 1 January 2009


Happy New Year.
Both children are away....Gemma and Sean have gone to Melbourne to a dance concert and Lucas and a group of his friends have rented a holiday house at Goolwa...this is a scary thought...... I got a message from him this morning saying "I'm still alive" which is a good thing.

Tony and I went to Glenelg.


Mind you I didn't go on the beach it was far too windy.


We had a very nice lunch at The Belfast on Mosley square, from our table
I took these happy snaps.




By the time we had finished our lunch this cute little boy was soaking wet........ but boy did he have fun.




Unfortunately I didn't have Mel with me think what fun he could have had with these fellows.




Anonymous said...

Happy New Year...hope it is filled with lots of fun stitching...maybe we will catch up sometime!!

Roseanne said...

Happy new year to you Leanne and your family. I hope you had a very nice time.

Locket Pocket said...

Happy New Year Leanne! What lovely happy, splashy photos!

Lucy x

corry said...

The very best New year wishes to you and yours too!

Cicero Sings said...

We look out and see snow, snow, snow and then I come to your blog. Warm sunshine ... oh how nice!

Happy New Year!

Levin said...

I'm surprised you didn't go swimming yourself! It looks very inviting - but personally I wont go in water unless it's over 35C - and preferably if it's been over 35C for a few days!
Happy New Year Leanne - hope to see you around Hetties!!

Anonymous said...

Happy new year

Anonymous said...

What fun to see the beach photos of your warm weather.
We are enjoying winter here in the northern US.
We have cold weather and snow but I have to say I am enjoying it!
Happy Warm New Year to you all.

periwinkle said...

lovely pics - we were shivering at -2 the other day and its gonna get colder brrrr - happy new year
lisa x

Nancy Anne said...

You make me laugh, Leanne!

Jenny said...

Love the watery fun pics and those camels are cute! Happy New Year to you and yours! Love the text message! Glad all is well:)

Pat said...

Love your fun pictures. Happy New Year to you and your family.

Teresa said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I get so much pleasure in watching children play in the water - oh, to have that kind of carefree joy again.

Grazia said...

Happy new year to you an you family Leanne!
It's so funny to see you're on the beach...here it's snowing and it's very cold!!!!:):)

Mrs Moog said...

Happy New Year Leanne!!

Those are beautiful photos! We were on the beach on new year's day too but it was a much much colder one than yours!!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Leanne!
Beautiful photos!

Crafty Things said...

Great photos.

Happy New Year.

May Kristin said...

Happy New Year!
Such beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing!