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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

My World Tuesday # 15 Mothers Day

It was Mothers Day here on Sunday which meant a trip to Moonta my mother, sister and one of my nieces still live there. It is where I grew up.
This was the view from the Sea Gate where we had our lunch.

Mothers Day 2009

When my father was not away on the boat fishing he would walk over to this cliff twice a day to check the weather. My parents house is about 100 metres from this cliff.
This is the view one way.

Mothers Day 2009

This is the view the other way.
Dad was very good at forecasting the weather.

Mothers Day 2009

Here is the newest mother in our family.
Adele and Charlotte.

Mothers Day 2009

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Mary Elizabeth said...

Beautiful world of yours.
Thanks for sharing.
Mary Elizabeth @ Now and Then

Kris said...

Moonta is a lovely place. My neighbour hailed from there and it had a pull on her. She did have family there too and would visit there regularly.

Andi said...

What a spectacular place to grow up.
Thanks for the view!!
Andi :-)

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous place to live. Wow!

SandyCarlson said...

These are great. Love that last shot. So much love!

Guy D said...

Wow great shots, I'd love to take a walk on the pier. and very cute baby, congrats.

Have a great week
Regina In Pictures

Catherine said...

Great sea views... where is Moonta on the S.Australia coast??

Rajesh said...

Beautiful scenic pictures. The kid is cute.

Jean said...

Looks like Charlotte is enjoying life! Pink... so sweet! Mom is looking good...
Your views are wonderful... I grew up not far from the coast of the Pacific Ocean... in Oregon in the U.S. There's just nothing like the ocean to soothe a person's soul! Although I live far from it now.
Hope that you had an enjoyable time!

Teresa said...

Wow...what a beautiful view.

Annie said...

More wonderful photos this week. Thank you! And what a gorgeous baby shot at the end. How precious!

Thanks for your visit to My Mother's Day My World post also!

Glennis said...

Very nice view from both angles, and a sweet wee baby as well. Hope Mother's Day was lovely for you all.

J said...

Stunning pictures - I can't wait to see the sea again! And a great portrait of mother and baby.

dutchcomfort said...

Love to see the pictures of your beautiful continent!!

Fishing Guy said...

Leamme: What a wonderful look at your world and the views from your fathers perspective.

Fishing Guy said...

Leanne: Sorry about the typing error.

Il giardino di rosmarino said...

Ciao mi chiamo Gemma.la foto mi ricorda il libro"il gabbiano jonathan.HAI una bambina bellissima.complimenti per i tuoi lavori,sono molto belli.Posso aggiungerti fra i miei preferiti?