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Wednesday 3 June 2009

The week that was

this mornings fog

This is what I woke up to this morning - it was cold and foggy.

this mornings fog

On Sunday a few girls come around for the afternoon for a bit of stitching and chatting I'm not sure what happened but no photos. It was a lovely afternoon where we all got a bit done - Amanda was especially pleased she finished these. Kris was finishing of a swap which was to be posted the next day and Sue was looking at the end of one of the inspired stitches projects. We decided it was a good way to get things done as we just sat and stitched no getting up to do other things around the house.
I have accomplished a few things this week.
Firstly I sorted my embroidery threads a very satisfying job. They had become very messing and I had different ones all over the house so they are now all sorted and back in one place.

Sorted colours

I have quite a few.

Sorted colours

In the car on the way to the Grampians I made this lovely Hexagon bag.
I really love it and unlike a lot of things I make........... it is for me....... to put my scissors, needles etc in.
I apologise for all the photos that follow I took them this morning - inside

Hexagon bag

I really enjoy paper piecing.
I did have a crazy thought while Tony drove and I merrily stitched away that I might like to make a quilt this way !!!!!!

Hexagon bag

My good friend Diana recently had a holiday in Japan I asked her if she had time, could she look for and perhaps buy me some craft mags.
I was very lucky in the fact she brought me back 3.

Japanese magazines

Japanese magazines

Japanese magazines

Japanese magazines

I made this little purse from one the other night.
I needed a new make up purse.

make up purse

You can tell I'm right up there when it comes to make up.
Mine all fits in here.

make up purse


Jo in TAS said...

I love the hexagon bag, did you use a pattern?
I've got a friend due back from Japan on Friday and she too is bringing me some mags, I can't wait.
HHmm and there's either alot of makeup in that bag or the bag is small!!

Sorrow said...

does the fog mean you had rain?
I am all about that purse with the two cupie dolls in front of it!
That just calls to my inner crazy quilt gal!

meggie said...

Some nice sewing items here! I love those Japanese books, they are so detailed in their instructions!
Loved the Kangaroos, we had recent close encounters too.
Also loved Mel's pictorial adventures.

Locket Pocket said...

Hmmmm. Your make-up bag is just slightly bigger than mine!!!! ;o)

Love your hexagon bag and all those lovely Japanese magazines!

Lucy x

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your hexagon bag is gorgeous!! Love all the inspiration in your magazines.

quiltygal said...

Glad that you had a good stitching day sunday thought of you while at Carrickalinga..... we had a lovely weekend lots of chocolate & laughs.... love your japanese books I had one sent to me this week a patchwork one ...have been in touch with a friends son who is doing yr 12 japanese to do some translating for me :)

Stina Blomgren said...

Gosh...that is a lot of LOVELY threads...lol...
And the hexagonbag... wohhoo.. I love it..:o)))
And I love the your new makeup bag... Im like you... dont need much space..:o)) or you fooled me with the scissor... ;o)

Melanie said...

Good job on the organization! Love the Hexagon tote...

Julie said...

Yikes, thats a lot of threads. Your little bags are just gorgeous.

Sue said...

Hi Leanne, Great photos of the fog. Just love that cute little hexagon bag ... think I might have to get one of those patterns. Thanks for having us on Sunday it was a lovely afternoon. Cheers Sue

periwinkle said...

thats quite a lot of threads , cute bag - I made a quilt that was paper pieced , I started it 20 + years ago and its still not finished!!

Jeni said...

sounds like you accomplished... a lot with every one around .....
well done

Simone de Klerk said...

Hello dear Leanne ~ I can't believe all those threads you have. What an enormous job and how very organized!
Great bag and make up purse! Love the quilting of the make up purse. And the magazines must give you so much inspiration!
Have a lovely weekend!

Ally Jay said...

You have certainly been keeping the cold at bay with all your crafting

Bimbimbie said...

We woke to find a little morning mist hanging in the trees but it soon lifted. I love mornings to start this way.

Your embroidery floss has given me palpitations ... all those glorious colours, what a collection*!*

Jenny said...

Hope you are having a wonderful long weekend. Great make up bag and I love your hexagon tote too-hope you've loved all the rain:)

May Kristin said...

You've done a lot! Love that hexagonbag, and your little make-up bag is adorable! Looks like you have got some great source for inspiration!
And I will not mention the weather! LOL!

Unknown said...

You have quite a few colors of thread :) Both bags you made are beautiful. There is something so special about these Japanese fabrics and patterns.

Linda May said...

Great looking sewing there Leanne. You have more patience than me. I loved that pic of the bag in the magazine you got too. Quilting is on my "One Day" list,my list is long but one day!!

Nicky said...

LOVE the rain and fog you sent over to Victoria. Thanks!! Your projects are georgeous as usual! You are lucky to be able to stitch in the car. I get car sick and it makes me even sicker to think of all that wasted time.

Andylynne said...

Just dropped by for the first time. What a wonderful trip you had, For an american the Kangaroos are simply adorable and amazing:) It's mind boggling that there out there and so many of them. I also like your little bags. I love the colors you chose and the hexigon colors are perfect. The small makeup bag is just the right size. Just how much makeup do all of us raving beauties need anyway :)

Kellie said...

It has been sooooooo cold!
I also love your hexagon bag .. absolutely lovely

Rajesh said...

That looks like lot of fog. The bags and baskets that are stitched are very beautiful.

Bimbimbie said...

Have you had chance to try anything from the Japanese books*?*

SandyCarlson said...

Your needlework is amazing. You are very talented!

Shontelle said...

Hi Lee, your hexagon bag is gorgeous. Uni is over now, so I hope to see you soon at Lorraine's.

Helz said...

Excellent Friend !!! Can you tell I'm playing Catch-Up ??? Lol

Schizzo di colore said...

How many colors!
Your hexagon bag is fantastic!!!!!!!!
Ciao ciao from Italy