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Wednesday 25 November 2009

Santa sack for Charlotte

A finish - Charlotte's Santa sack.

Charlotte's Santa Sack

It is huge you can tell from this photo - Gemma can nearly fit into it.
I am sure Charlotte will be able to sleep in it on Christmas night.

Charlotte's Santa Sack

The pattern is by Viv Robinson.
The reindeer go all the way around starting with Rudolf.
I just have to do one row of stitching between the reindeer on the front and the back.

Charlotte's Santa Sack

The gum trees on the circuit have just come into flower and this noisy fellow and a lot of his mates have taken a liking to them.

birds in the garden

The most giving Gerbera - it is by my front door and just keeps flowering year after year.

by the door

Posted off my SSCS parcel this morning - no hints on here as to what I have made my swap partner she will have to wait until Christmas.


Stina Blomgren said...

Oh... What a sweet sack for Charlotte... a treasure for her years to come!
Oh how I wish Gerberas could grow outside here... so pretty!!!

Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

hi Leanne, everything looks so lovely! Charlotte will be so happy with her Santa sack I am sure.

Sarah said...

That sack is beautiful!

Lovely flowers...

Locket Pocket said...

Those reindeer are fantastic! What a lucky girl Charlotte is! Lucy x

jodie said...

that Santa sack is gorgeous, lucky Charlotte.

Simone de Klerk said...

What a wonderful sack for Charlotte. Such a sweet stitchery to it. And is that the Figgy Pudding range?
The pictures of the bird and flowers are so pretty. Can't wait for the winter to be over (still has to start).

dutchcomfort said...

That Santa sack is gorgeous!

I love your new header!

Chookyblue...... said...

great sack...........

periwinkle said...

love the reindeer --- and Gerbera is one of my fave flowers too

May Kristin said...

Lucky Charlotte!
What a beautiful stitching you did!