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Wednesday 17 November 2010

A nice day

Today I went to my friend Diana's to teach her and her lovely daughter Amy how to smock. Amy has just discovered what fun sewing can be and has been busy make little Poppy some lovely little clothes. She has done a wonderful job even putting zips in a sleeping bag. I was really impressed.
The weather was lovely so we decided to eat outside look who watching from a near by tree.

Koala at Diana's

Koala at Diana's

Koala at Diana's

After looking at me for a moment he then went back to sleep.

Koala at Diana's

Koala at Diana's


Anita said...

И вправду у вас день хороший!!! Такая лапочка!!!

Shirley said...

Was it Tinger or Tucker? Great photo's as ever. Well done to Amy on the discovery of this sewing lark. Sounds like she is well and truly initiated.
Love Shirley.x

Teodo said...

Leanne a great meeting..........and fantastic photos.
I love too the sunflowers pics of the previous post.
ciao ciao

Kris said...

It was a great day today. Lovely day to eat lunch with a koala.

dutchcomfort said...

Gorgeous pictures!
I love Kris‘ses comment, having lunch with a Koala! I would be lucky to have lunch with a duck!

Pip said...

Great photo, I love how they just balance there in a ball when they go to sleep on cool days.

ozjane said...

lovely...did your hear her/him snore.
They are very loud snores when they sleep.

Tatkis said...

Oh, soooo sweet sleepy thing :)
Thank you for the pictures!

Best wishes,

Sally said...

These are wonderful photos!!!
I'm Sally from Italy, I never comment on your posts but I read you regularly and I'm happy to pass you an AWARD for your lovely blog. I hope you'll be happy about it.
You can come to visit my blog to get it. Sorry if my blog is only in Italian, hope you don't mind.
Thank you for your great posts.

julieQ said...

What a darling baby! Thank you for sharing these pics.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your photos look amazing!!

Isabella said...

Gosh that looks really great being so close, where has Mel gone? I have missed him and his wee stories
re going on hols and visits to all the diff places he went.

Mary said...

That is so adorable! Every time I have seen one in a zoo they were asleep. My daughter loved koalas more than anything when she was a little girl :-)

Amy Reed said...

Great photos Leanne! Thanks so much for all your help with the smocking, I am all finished, now just have to put the dress together!