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Monday, 14 February 2011

A bag for school

If you knew me when I was young this statement would really make you laugh.
I am going back to school.
I was a terrible student I could get quite a few testimonials to that fact.
However this year I decided I would go back to school and do year 12 digital photography. I'm sure I will be a better student this time.
The pressure is on though Lucas got a 19 for the same subject.
Me being me I had to make a bag for school. I wanted something big enough to carry an art folder and have pockets to put a few bits and pieces in.
I used this book for help with the outside pocket.
If you are after a great bag making book I recommend it.

School Bag

School Bag

I bought myself a kit from Hetties on Saturday.
I love Japanese fabrics.

It makes this lovely purse.
It is all hand made so it is the perfect project for weekends away.


Julie (Paddymummy) said...

Well done Leanne-how exciting.
I am sort of going back to school-doing a 12 month lanuage course to learn Italian.

Your bag looks lovely as always-nice to cath up soon(will come to the market next Sunday!)

Julie X

Chookyblue...... said...

have fun at "school" hope you get better marks then Lucas........work hard.......

nice kit........

Susan In Texas said...

Oh good, now I'll have someone I can ask my digital photography questions of and get good answers! Lovely bags too. I really like both of them. 8)

Happy studying,
Susan in Texas

Sue said...

Hi Leanne, Great bag!!!! Well done and good luck with going back to school ... you will breeze it in!!! & Im sure you will be able to beat Lucas!!! LOL Cheers Sue

Shontelle said...

School, like youth, is wasted on the young. You will rock your subject - especially with that bag.

Kris said...

Nice bag! Of course you HAD to have a new one for school! Hope you have fun!!!

seabreezequilts said...

Love that fabric, great bag to by the way. Glad you got that pattern I got a bit scared when I looked at the instructions, I am sure they are fine and I will cope but.. was going to start on the pussy cat first.

Susan Snooks said...

Good luck with the study! And that purse kits is really beautiful! look forward to seeing it made up!

Shay said...

Talk about pressure...you have to get a perfect score to beat Lucas!

Im sure you'll enjoy the course.I already think your photography is superb.

Love the bag!

Trudi said...

Good for you Leanne! I'm sure you'll do very well, especially in the practical component. Nice bag too.

dutchcomfort said...

I hope you’ll have a wonderful study and learn even more about digital photography.

With a bag like that you can’t go wrong! Beautiful!

May Britt said...

your new project is adorable!!!!!! Those kits are so cute.
Have fun at school :)

May Kristin said...

This is great! I'm sure you will do well at school! Have fun!
Love your bag!

Annie said...

Leanne, I love your bags, and this one is no exception. Good luck with going back to school. I would like to do some sort of photography course myself. Good on you. Speaking of school, I have to tomorrow, but Grade 1/2 so I'd better head to bed.

Leisa said...

Your bag is great - hope you enjoy your course! The little Japenses kit is just to die for - hope you really enjoy making that one.

Teresa said...

Good luck in your photography class - maybe when I retire I can do something like that to. I know I sure need some help when it comes to taking pictures.

Love the bags - good job!

ranette said...

I really like your school bag and I'm sure you will have fun going back to school, but I Love the little Japanese bag that you are going to make. I can't wait to see it done so hurry please...lol