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Monday, 12 December 2011

Not enough time

Christmas madness has hit.
Are these not the cutest little things. I was luck enough to win these in a give away. Lisa and I have been chatting for years, she takes lovely photos and knits gorgeous thing some of which she sells. I have put a cotton reel in to show their size. I have the sneaking feeling that these 2 will disappear from my house and go live with Gemma as she loved them, or perhaps I commission Lisa to knit Gemma some as I think I would like them to live with me.
They are knitted in the softest wool.


My SSCS parcel has arrived from Lyn ........ cute little pudding ornaments.
Thank you Lyn I will wait patiently to open my other gift.
A BIG thank you to the elf supremo for organising the swap.


One of Lucas' friends asked me to make a stocking which I quickly whipped up yesterday.

Christmas stocking for Morgan

and finally some cuteness our friends dog had puppies 3 weeks ago they are the sweetest little things. This one had just had a big drink and could not lift its belly off the ground.

The babies

The babies


Susan said...

Cute puppies and a lovely Christmas stocking!

Kris said...

Lots of loveliness at your place! Time does seem to be the enemy at the moment. I was in Adelaide last week and found half an hour to wander through Hetties. Everything is just so pretty there! Hope you have a lovely "get ready for Christmas"!

Sue-Anne said...

Those puppies are so cute!!!! Your little knitted friends are gorgeous and the stocking looks great.

AnitaS said...

I love your new knited friends. The ornaments are very nice and the puppies so vute.

Pip said...

The puppies are too cute, makes me want to have one (but I think my cat wouldn't like one)

Teresa said...

Oh they are the cutest things. If they would just stay puppies!

Enjoyed seeing all the other goodies on your blog - lots of fun.

Chookyblue...... said...

lovely ornament from Lyn.......glad to see a big boy still wants a stocking.....

Grazia said...

Hi Leanne,
have a lovely happy Christmas!
Grazia ;)