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Monday, 6 August 2012

Car Cricket

Tony and I are heading toward the sun. We had a long drive today about 750 kilometres. To relieve the boredom we played car cricket.

The rules
Bright green cars - 4 runs
Bright yellow cars - 6 runs
All other cars - 1 run
Trucks - 2 runs
Bikes - 3 runs
RED cars are OUT
Only cars traveling towards you count
Play commences when you leave a town at the first 110/100 speed limit sign and a break in play commences when you pass the first 60/80 speed limit sign.
We picked our teams
My team had an international feel.
Viv Richards - 15
David Gower - 16
David Hooks - 23
Michael Holding - 10
Adam Gilchrist - 21
Chris Gayle - 19
Dennis Lillee - 62
Jeff Thompson - 3
Graham Manou - 42
Callum Ferguson - 6
Gladstone Small - 57
= 274

Tony's Team was of course very English
Ian Botham - 7
Kevin Peterson - 0
Graham Gooch - 13
Michael Atherton - 11
David Lloyde - 20
Allan Knott - 25
Freddie Flintoff - 13
Graham Swan - 58
Bob Willis - 51
Stewart Broad - 33
= 260

Hee Hee I won.
It is hard to believe we only saw 22 red car in a whole days driving. However we did laugh when we saw a couple of red cars in towns when we were having a drinks break.
We laughed as tony would watch cricket 24 hours a day he loves it. I on the other hand endure it and seem to like it less each year, mainly because of the Australian commentators who seem to belong to self admiration societies. Who wants to listen to how wonderful Shane Wharne thinks he is while I am stitching. Tony gave much thought to his team and put them in an appropriate order mine was picked on looks and the sound of their voice. I LOVE Michael Holdings voice LOL. Tony thought Chris Gayle didn't try because he has never batted at 6. We did laugh and it was a great way to dull the boredom.
Here are a couple of early morning shots taken in Euston on the River Murray.

Euston NSW

Euston NSW

Euston NSW

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Shirley said...

Sounds like great fun and I am with you on the bores who like to promote themselves above anyone else, plus I would choose the good looking players and the ones with sexy voices. Luckily your team knew how to play too and won!

Lorraine said...

where are you going??? the sun is out here today and it's the warmest day for ages.....and you have left! hope the sun is still out where you are heading! I think Ch 9 did a quick check around the office and selected anyone who was there to go to London and commentate on the Olympics.....my particular "favourite" was James Brayshaw / Rowing.....along with Eddie telling us all about the different road surfaces the women marathon runners were running on...oh look there are cobblestones....in London...really? who knew.....so I get where you are coming from re the cricket....Tony obviously put a lot of thought into his team....I like the sound of yours though....and you won! Have fun!