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Monday, 3 December 2012

Some sewing and some cooking and my balcony

A couple of weeks back I did a work shop with Kathy Dougherty of Material Obsession, it was fun and although Kathy would have preferred a quilt to be made.......... I opted for a pillow. I am so pleased with how it turned out. If you ever have the chance to do a workshop with  Kathy grab it with both hands. Kathy is very inspirational and full of ideas. She makes you think about colours and it is amazing how just playing around with different combinations of the same fabrics can really change the look of your project.

a pillow finished

My friend Kerry from QLD came to stay and while she was here she had a party to go to.
She was in charge of 2 cakes and some racing teddies.

Kerry Cooking

Kerry Cooking

I took the following pictures from our balcony at Port Elliot the other morning. I went out to take some photos of the black cockatoos that have moved into town to feed. I have noticed them on the edge of town before but at the moment there is obviously something delicious blooming in the town. They are very noisy as they fly around.

From Port Elliot's balcony

From Port Elliot's balcony

My friend Mr Maggie who eats mill worms from my hand.

From Port Elliot's balcony

I am not sure what this bird is.

From Port Elliot's balcony

The Lorikeets are very happy feeding on this New Zealand Christmas bush.

From Port Elliot's balcony

The New England Honey Eaters have an extra patch of yellow on their heads at the moment as these bushes are in flower at the moment and the Honey Eaters have to put their heads deep into the flowers to feed so they end up with pollen on the top of their heads.

From Port Elliot's balcony

From Port Elliot's balcony

From Port Elliot's balcony

From Port Elliot's balcony

From Port Elliot's balcony


jodie said...

I am not sure what that bird is either!
Love your pillow, and the baking. Teddies are very cute.

Shirley said...

I am a big fan of Kathy Doughty and often wish I could join in with one of her workshops and there is always something exciting to see on her blog. You did a great job of your pillow and thanks for the showing of your native wildlife.

Gillie said...

Wow to the cushion, it is great! The honey eater looks a little irritated at being caught looking not quite as debonair as he would prefer!

AnitaS said...

What a beautiful photos. Lovely pillow.

Pip said...

Love the block on your pillow, a quilt would have taken a while to make at least this way you got a result quickly. Your bird photos are lovely, do you take them with a zoom?

Kris said...

So busy! We spied some black cockatoos on a walk the other day. We live in suburbia, but bits of it are country and that's where we saw the birds.

Shay said...

Love those Dolly Varden cakes. Miss P had one of those when she was little. How cute are the racing teddies !

Lego lover said...

WOW some beautiful shot there!

You have been busy!

Lego lover said...

Damn my son has logged in my computer - argh! It Sarah here from If Only I Had Chocolate.

Better change identities now!

seabreezequilts said...

Love the cushion, must get some of that red stripe. You need my What Bird Is That Book, haven't every seen black cockies in the flesh.