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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

A bit of this and a bit of that

A few weeks back I was lucky enough to win a give away on Leslie's of Maze and Vale lesliekeating blog. I could pick 4 panels that was the hard part she has some amazing panels to pick from. These panels are the perfect size to make .......

One of these ...... the pattern for this is one of Nicki's Nicole Mallalieu Design / You SEW Girl! - 200mm Chunky Purse Kit

I made a couple of gifts for a blog friend in England Stitcherydo a shopping bags from my pattern

And this cute Koala a Rosalie Quinlan Pattern. Shirley has recently become a grand mother and I thought Maisie should have a Koala.

On one of my many walks I always love this view.

A couple of posts back I put up some photos of our beach without sand this snap was taken on Friday morning and the beach looked much the same on Sunday.
This photo was taken this morning
Mother Nature is amazing it would be tons and tons of sand moved in a few days.


You don't have to get up very early to beat the sun up at the moment. Day light saving ends this weekend end and I do love day light saving however I need a miners lamp to walk in the morning.

I love sun rise it is the best part of the day when everything is waking up and and we start with a clean palette.








Lorraine said...

Wonderful pics as always Leanne - we have had some amazing sunrises lately and I am usually out walking and can appreciate their beauty - I am a convert to daylight saving but think it does go on for a bit long. All back to "normal" this weekend. Love the panels you chose - and the bag/purse you made. I am sure Maisie will love the koala!

Daisy Jayne said...

Once again you excel with your beautiful photos. your fabric panel choices are just fab.

Chookyblue...... said...

cute purse........love the photos esp the sunrises........yippee daylight savings ends........

Liz said...

great shots as usual Leanne, I hate daylight saving ending but it is dark when I get up for work nowadays, much rather be up with the sun...xxx

Lynda said...

Beautiful, beautiful photographs Leanne. Shirley and Maisie will be thrilled to bits with their presents. I love daylight savings and will be sorry to see it end - hate coming out of work at 5.00 pm to the darkness.

seabreezequilts said...

This daylight savings has put a dent in my walking kms this week it is pitch black at 6am when I need to leave to get back in time for school/work so I am giving it a miss this week. Will be going this evening but completely missed Tuesday's walk because I just ran out of time.... Coco wasn't happy. I think it is a week too long.

Love the panels will have to check out that blog.

Susan said...

I love the panels you won, especially that feather one! Your shots of the sunrises are just stunning! Yes, I think its time we said goodbye to daylight saving for this year!

Shirley said...

Your photo's are beautiful and those skies, yummy. My bag is gorgeous and the koala is so beautiful. I took it to show off at my sewing group yesterday and someone said can you ask Leanne to make 30 more as they would all like one. Hoping to see Maisie today so she can play with it. Thank you for such wonderful gifts and your purse looks fab.x

Lorrie said...

The return of the sand is amazing. Beautiful views along your walk. Congratulations on your fabric wins. You've created some lovely projects. Such a cute koala.

Sue SA said...

Love the sunrise photos! Cute bag and koala, nice to send others presents.

Shay said...

Gorgeous panels and projects!

Chris H said...

Gorgeous photos Chick.

*-* said...

Oh Dear!!
Thank you for those beach shots. You've made me very homesick. Guess I'll never get used to being away.K.

Jan said...

Lovely fabrics and pics, Leanne.And the koala is so cute.

Jenny said...

gorgeous sewing and fabrics and loved sharing your beautiful walking photos

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