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Sunday, 30 September 2007

Wisteria Girls complete

I have finished the 5 stitcheries for the Wisteria Girls quilt. They are not exactly the same as the pattern in Homespun. They are coloured with pencils in the pattern I preferred to just stitch them.

Yesterday was the Australian Rules football grand final and if you don't live in Australia you will probably know very little about Aussie rules football. Sadly Port Adelaide lost to Geelong. Here are some photos of the boys out the front kicking the ball before they watched the game on the T.V. I was rather glad they watched it at our neighbour's house as it was nice and peaceful here.
I have been tagged some time back, the lovely Lucy who recycles her pockets gave me the "Rockin' Girl Blogger" award. This made my children laugh. I got this when I was sick and have been meaning to post so today is the day. Thank you Lucy it has been a long time since I rocked.

Then Nicolette tagged me to tell 7 honest things about myself.
So here goes.
1. I really love chocolate.
2. I am quite competitive.
3. I can remember being at school when Neil Armstrong first walked on the moon and thinking it was the most boring thing I had ever been made to watch, I was 10 at the time.
4. I never read instructions this is a problem when putting things together sadly I have taught my son to do the same so we both plough in until my husband says lets read the instructions.
5. Inside me there is a thin person trying to get out.
6. I cry when watching movies they don't even have to be sad. I was still crying 1 hour after the end of 8 Below( yes that's right the movie about sled dogs in the antarctic!!!!)
7. I really really hate winter but if you read my blog you most probably know that.

1 Link the person who has tagged you
2 Tell seven true things about yourself
3 Tag seven new people
4 Leave a message with the person you have tagged so they know about it
I now have to tag 7 people
Lucy - Corry - Leisa -Meggie - Donna
I am struggling now so will have to think of 2 more later.


Anja´s Wunschpunsch said...

Your girls are very beautiful and I am be anxious of the finish quilt.


May Kristin said...

Your stitcheries are so sweet! I will love to see it all put together!

Sweet P said...

Your stitcheries are adorable. I may live in the US and love US football; but I bet there is not much difference in how fans behave about their favorite sports whether here or there.

Jenny said...

Very nice work on Wisteria Girls. Very sweet.

meggie said...

Love those stitchery girls!
I was very surprised to see me listed here for the meme.
I will try to do it tomorrow.

dutchcomfort said...

Your stitcheries are so beautiful! Some gorgeous photos of the boys. Clarice???? Well done Leanne. I love your 7 honoust facts! I’m a non-instructions reader too... Don’t we all have a thin person that wants to come out????

Locket Pocket said...

Hi Leanne, your Wisteria girls look beautiful! Thank you for tagging me - I'll try to do it soon. I've just seen your new post too - so hope you have a good holiday! Lucy x

Mrs Moog said...

Hi I've just found your blog via Lucy Locket via Nicolette - your stitcheries are so beautiful.
Great footie photos - being an ignorant pom it looks scarily like Ramsay St in the background there - no offence meant at all, must be the type of bricks.
I'm so pleased I found your blog and look forward to more loveliness,