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Saturday 23 February 2008

Valentine Swap

It has been a long week after posting of my Valentine gift to Heidi nearly 2 weeks ago I had the feeling that I may have to spend the weekend making it all over again. Thankfully my parcel to her arrived yesterday I think I could have walked with it to Canberra in less time. Heidi posted her gift to me after I posted mine and her parcel arrive here on Monday.
This is my lovely parcel from Heidi as she doesn't have a blog I will show you all how lucky I was. I got a lovely little bag and some very yummy chocolates that my husband has also enjoyed and some very useful ribbons and buttons. I am very lucky so thank you Heidi. The bag had a sweet little heart attached to the handle.
This is what I sent to Heidi.

To make it an even more stressful week last Saturday Lucas and his mates were swimming in the lake doing this sort of thing. Lucas cut his foot quite badly - I couldn't decide if it had anything in it and I also felt it needed to be sutured up so we took a trip to the 24 hour clinic. The Dr opted for skin glue (I would have preferred stitches) anyway it still looks terrible and is oozing, need I say it again it should have been sutured.
On Sunday he was a very sorry boy a sore foot and a sore arm due to a Tetanus booster. A trip back to the clinic on Wednesday night for antibiotics as I was not happy with how it looked. Normally I would not worry as much about a cut foot but as he started his plumbing apprenticeship 2 weeks ago and has been in trade school for 2 weeks he needs to be able to go out in the field this week, a cut foot and steel cap boots don't usually go together.
Hoping for a better week next week I have also ordered some Moo cards which have been in the post for 3 weeks ........still waiting perhaps I have done something inadvertently to the post angel.


Jodie said...

Goodluck with the foot....and the post angel!

Chookyblue...... said...

great present sent and received............hope the foot is ok and he can do the work.......

Locket Pocket said...

Love both lots of presents but so sorry to hear about Lucas - hope he mends very quickly!

As for the postal angel - she takes it out on all of us at times!

Lucy x

Grazia said...

I'm sorry for Luca's foot....
The little angel is fantastic!!!

Cicero Sings said...

What a nice way to wrap a present ... in a nice piece of usable fabric!!! I'll have to remember that for my sewer type friends. Very thoughtful gifts.

I hope Lucas' foot mends soon!

Levin said...

do you know, i sent my valentine swap to the u.k. on the wednesday the 13th and she had it by monday 17th. i couldn't believe it.
i love what you got and i love what you made. are you doing the easter swap?
don't you hate it when your kids hurt themselves - even if they are older, you still want to do everything in your power to make it better.
hope all is better now.

jacquie said...

What a week you've had! Hope Lucas is on the mend. Keep your chin up! Maybe the postal angel will smile on you next time!

Monkee Maker said...

Ooooh, gorgeous goodies, both the ones you sent and received. I love your idea of wrapping your gifts in material.

And eeeuuwww - I hope your son's foot stops oozing soon! (Great photo, btw)


Heleen said...

Look's like your swap turned out real nice!

corry said...

I love the present you received and I also love the present you sent. The little angel is gorgeous and so is the card. I like the way you wrapped your present...a very good idea!

Nicky said...

Sorry to hear about your son's foot, What a lovely angel you made- and that bag is georgeous too. Weren'e we all spoilt by our swap partners?