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Monday 25 February 2008

A visitor

Look who came visiting today.
Monday post still no Moo cards.


Locket Pocket said...

Don't think I like it!!!!!

No Moo's????? That's not fair!

Have a good week anyway! Lucy xx

dutchcomfort said...

Don’t you love it? It’s great to make a stitchery from!

Chookyblue...... said...

cool praying mantas pic

Heleen said...

What a great visit! And some super foto's!

meggie said...

Post seems a bit dodgy then??

Hope your son's foot is ok, & he can get his boots on.

I once did a school project about praying mantis, & I kept one as a 'Pet'.

Mrs Moog said...

I love it!!! Great pictures Leanne!

I hope your son's foot is much better and that the Moo cards are on their way :)


Busters Mom said...

Great pic. If my dd saw him we would have him in a great big jar to watch and keep. lol. If we get lucky it will lay eggs and have babies!! Send the babies out in the wild to grow. lol.

Levin said...

great photos!
sorry about the moo cards. i want them too, but i don't have a flicker thingy yet. it's all too much for me......

Sherry said...

Great pic but don't like their looks too much, too creepy for me! LOL Saw them on a science show recently, wow, they are one weird critter!

Crafty Things said...

Great pics. Praying Mantis have to be one of the weird and wonderful in the world of insects!

Teodo said...

I'm happy when you have this visit so I can see beautiful pics.
ciao ciao