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Monday, 12 May 2008

Back from Boomer

We are back from a lovely weekend away at Boomer Beach. We have friends who have a beach house on the beach front at Boomer. Boomer is about a 1 hour drive from Adelaide it is a beautiful place and we went to bed at night and woke up in the morning to the thundering sound of surf.
This was the view from our front windows.

Boomer beach May 2008

Here is Tony,Gemma,Sean & Mel discussing the surf conditions well Sean is talking about surf don't know what the others are talking about.

Boomer beach May 2008

I went for a walk each morning I took Clarice along and look what we found.

Boomer beach May 2008Boomer beach May 2008Boomer beach May 2008

Boomer beach May 2008Boomer beach May 2008Boomer beach May 2008Boomer beach May 2008Boomer beach May 2008Boomer beach May 2008

On Sunday we woke up to thick fog but Sean was not put off and we all set off for him to have a surf. Mel of course thought he might have a go but after reading the signs.

Boomer beach May 2008

Boomer beach May 2008

He decided to just sit and watch.

Boomer beach May 2008

Sean had a surf.

Boomer beach May 2008

To take the picture above I had to climb out on the the rocks in the middle of this picture.

Boomer beach May 2008

After surfing and fun at the beach you have to have

Boomer beach May 2008

bacon on toast and

Boomer beach May 2008

We had a great weekend.

Boomer beach May 2008

While walking in the evening I saw these boys about to go body boarding don't you love their changing room.

I forgot on Friday to thank everybody for dropping by for my 100th post it means a lot to have comments left and I am surprised that I have got to 100 posts. Blogging has proved to be more rewarding than I thought possible I have made friends all around the world it has made me more productive and it has rekindled my love for photography so thank you once again all my blogging friends I am truly thankful.
ALMOST FORGOT..... Kerry is having a give away head on over there.


Cicero Sings said...

Boomer looks like a marvelous place for a weekend getaway - what a view. Mel was wise not to go for a swim ... a fellow his size could very easily get sucked under by those rip tides!!!

Glad you are home safe and sound!

Elly D said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the pictures of the beach. Heavenly scenery. Mel the monkey always makes me smile.
Thanks for sharing your day and your photos. Love photos. Cheers from the North coast of Scotland.

Sorrow said...

Loved the photo's ! What an incredibly lovely spot. It took me a while to figure out how such a gorgeous beach could be deserted, but I am guessing now, you were up VERy early!
Laughed out loud at the one of Mel being threatened with the ketchup...
was the hungry boy going after some ones bacon?
an amazing shot on the surfboard!
looks like a wonderfully relaxing time!
thanks for sharing!
feels like i had a bit of rest over the weekend! (LOL)

Stina Blomgren said...

Loved the photos Leanne...such a wonderful place...and you was up early wasn´t you? Mel was kind of calm or maybe tired on this trip or...doesn´t the photos show us everything?...;D Hope you all had a wonderful time and gained some energy for Autumn...

Anonymous said...

Such a pretty coast line. On your continent, where is this located??

Mel always cheers me up!! Thanks Mel for being so photogenic!!

Lorraine said...

Great pics Leanne....looks like a very relaxing weekend....

Mad about Craft said...

The photos are just beautiful! I hope I get to visit 'Oz' one day.

Mel looked like he had a good time too!

Anonymous said...

You have made me jealous!!! Sounds like a fabulous weekend and I am craving a nice weekend or preferably week on the beach somewhere! Love your photos from your wander - just beautiful - I LOVE THE BEACH!!!!

Unknown said...

your photography is stunning. You are very talented. Looks like a gorgeous place. Jo

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great weekend,love the photos.

Beertje Zonn said...

Mel the monkey always makes me smile.
Kind regards,

Sonnja, from the Netherlands
Beertje Zonn

meggie said...

Just been catching up on your lovely posts, since I have been away.
Mel has been having a grand time!!
Lovely photos.

annapaola said...

very beautiful week on the beach..
I'm go to our beach, on Cinque Terre, Lerici. The see are cold but I've swinning.. very very good...
anna paola . italy

Ally Jay said...

Those photos are good enough to be in a holiday brochure. What a fabulous place to stay.

Ilenia said...

hallo! Your blog is very very beautiful...kiss... Ilenia from Italy

Anonymous said...

Once again, I'm in complete agreement with some of the others, your pictures are wonderful! You could sell them as Post cards... at the very least! They truely are beautiful. They really show your impression of the coast (my favorite part of the world... the ocean that is) and the other pictures are wonderful too. I can just imagine your photo album!
They look as if they belong in a book.

Chookyblue...... said...

love the holiday pics..........I am feeling so relaxed now........

Locket Pocket said...

It looks like you had a lovely time in a very beautiful place! I'm glad Mel didn't go swimming though!

I always love your photographs - especially the one on my card that arrived with my quilt today! Thank you so much for all my goodies - I have emailed you too! I can't wait to show it all off on my blog this evening.

Thanks again.

Lucy xxx

Cheryl said...

What a wonderful post and greaaaat photos :-)! That Mel lives the life, lucky guy.

periwinkle said...

When your photographs arrived today we just had to back through all of your blog to look at your other pictures. We have now decided that we are going to come and live with you, as long as Mel doesn't mind of course :-)
Lisa x

Anonymous said...

Your photography is just wonderful I enjoyed every minute of your holiday.I just love going to the beach it just re energises you. just need to learn to take some good photos like you judy

Levin said...

looks like a lovely spot. glad to hear you had a good weekend.
glad to see that mel didn't get caught in a rip.....

Nic said...

Wow ! Surely puts a weekend in Melbourne to shame. What a fantastic spot.
I am practicing my knitting .... maybe i'll have a primate companion soon too, but she won't be the star that Mel is.

Mrs Moog said...

What a beautiful beach and fantastic photos! Glad you had a lovely weekend.

I'm pleased Mel decided against the surfing. Waterlogged primates are not a happy sight :(


Lisa said...

lovely photos! color is so rich!

Grazia said...

Yes Leanne...you really had a great week end!!!!!
Wonderful beach!!!!

Kim said...

Looks like a day in heaven. Just a little monkeyin' around...it's a good thing. :)

Christine said...

Great photos. Mel looks relaxed and very well behaved. Looking forward to sharing your next 100 posts.

Vanessa said...

It's a beautiful place, your photos are just lovely!

Gypsy Quilter said...

Love the pics of the ocean and the rocks especially. What amazing color combinations.