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Saturday, 12 July 2008

Waiting for the sun

Look what the postman left for me on Monday..........Royal Mail.......no it wasn't from Liz but someone very talented.
I had to wait until today so that I could take some photos........ another reason I hate winter.

Presents from Lucy

I had been expecting this parcel as Lucy had emailed me.
There where lots of little parcels.

Presents from Lucy

I was very lucky as I had won one of Lucy's give aways she had added a few extra bits, along with my quilt.

Presents from Lucy

I am now the proud owner of a Lucy Locket original wallet.

Lucy had emailed me a couple of times apologizing for not having finished my quilt by the due date. I was not concerned as she was under immense pressure she had agreed to swap mini quilts with 1/2 the world.
She also said she was worried about the design.

She needn't have been...... look at the lovely quilt I received. Several times when I had posted pictures of Aussie birds Lucy had commented how amazing it would be to have such bright colourful birds in the trees of your garden. My reply to that was "yes they are bright and colourful but they are raucous and noisy"
Some of my most pleasant memories of my time spent living in England was the lovely bird songs. Tony's uncle had a bird table in his garden and I loved to sit and listen to the birds.
I told Lucy this story.
This was the inspiration for my quilt and I just LOVE IT.

My beautiful mini quilt swap from Lucy

My beautiful mini quilt swap from Lucy

Unbeknown to Lucy I inherited my love of birds from my dear dad who is no longer with us. He would spend hours when he was old and frail feeding the doves, look at the lovely dove on the top of the bird feeder. Now when I hang this in "My stitching room" I will not only think of Lucy but my dear old dad who I miss very much.

My beautiful mini quilt swap from Lucy

So thank you Lucy I love my mini quilt very much.


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What lovely goodies - I love the story behind the mini quilt!

Jodie said...

Beautiful story , what a thoughtful girl that Lucy is. (and you are right she did swap with 1/2 the world.)

May Kristin said...

What lovely and thoughtful gifts she sent you! Love the little mini-quilt and the story behind! Enjoy your quilt and your "Lucy-wallet"!
I am also a lucky owner of a wallet!

Lorraine said...

what a lovely quilt and so nice it will bring back fond memories of your Dad....

Annie B said...

beautiful quilt - lovely story - lucky you!

Locket Pocket said...

Thank you for writing such a lovely post about your quilt from me - I'm so glad you like it - I wasn't sure if I could make the birds recognisable with just a few stitches. I love the fact that it will remind you of your dad too.

Lucy xxx

Chookyblue...... said...

love the quilt Lucy made and it is special to have to meanings for you........

Teresa said...

Sounds like a special quilt for a special lady from a generous and talented lady. The quilt looks so pretty and I am glad it bring to mind fond memories of your dad.

Sweet P said...

What a gorgeous little quilt! Lucy is a very talented quilter.

Cicero Sings said...

What a very lovely surprise ... parcels are lovely to receive! I do love your mini quilt ... makes me think I should make one.

Annie said...

That Lucy Locket is a treasure! She was SOOOOOoooooo thoughtful with her mini quilts and they have all been so special. She even put little Chick Chick in mine. What a lovely quilt she made for you and lucky you to have a lucy wallet.

Trudi said...

What a special quilt! I love to listen to the birds too, in fact only this morning I was enjoying the magpies and rosellas in the trees next door on the vacant block. Imagine my horror when I got home from church to find the trees being cut down to make room for another house! Not happy :(

Kris said...

What a lovely parcel, and a lovely story! Aussie birds are raucous aren't they? There are moments when they can be sweet and lovely, but it's not often!

Janette said...

Thanks for the welcome, love the mini quilt

Cheryl said...

Wonderful gifties! Lucy made you a wonderful mini quilt and what a great story you shared.

Mrs Moog said...

What a beautiful parcel from Lucy. Her wallets are the best - I have three that I use in rotation!!
She told me all about the mini-quilt she was making for you and I think it's far more lovely than she described!! I love that she has tried so hard to personalise all the gazillion quilts she's made :)


periwinkle said...

what a lovely story to go with a lovely quilt
lisa x

trash said...

That Locket, she is a talented and thoughtful creature really isn't she? No matter what other people say ;-)

Bimbimbie said...

What a sweet gift, I too got my love of birds from my dad *!*

Grazia said...

What a lovely gift Leanne!!!!
You're waiting for the sun....we're waiting for some fresh.....

annapaola said...

wawww... a beautiful gift..
you are very fortunely.. and so Lucy..
anna paola