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Sunday, 4 January 2009

Meet Clarice

A few people have asked me about my camera so I thought I would introduce you all to
Like all modern technology she has been upgraded twice since I got her back in October 2007.
I love her she has bought me many hours of fun.

She has 3 lenses.
This is the lens I use the most.
17 - 85MM

With it I can take photos like this.

Or this

Or this

Mothers day quilt May 2008

With this lens - 60MM

I can take these.


This is lens # 3 - 100-300MM

With it I can take these.


I generally up load my photos to Flickr then copy and paste the Html into my post which is why when you click on them they take you to my flickr site.
I find this easier as I can put the pictures where I want them as blogger uploads each photo to the top of the post then you have to move them around.
In this post you can see the difference. Most of the pictures I have up loaded from blogger except the polar bear, the close up of the passion flower and the quilt .
I only use the medium size photos because of the time the large ones take to down load.
If you are blog reading with a slow internet they takes ages to down load.
From the Flickr site if you want to you can have a look at the larger version.
The other reason I up load to Flickr is that if you have a computer melt down you haven't lost all your photos they will be safe and well in your Flickr site.

Just so you think I'm totally mad meet Clarice's friend Terry they are quite often seen out and about together.

Terry the tripod.


Chookyblue...... said...

nice to meet you Clarice and Terry.......keep entertaining Leanne......your doing a very good job of it.........

Chookyblue...... said...

oh and I love the passionfruit flower

Cicero Sings said...

Nice camera! I just have a point and shoot. I love that you have given it a name ... as well as the tripod. Clarice ... interesting name!

dutchcomfort said...

Happy New Year Leanne! Nice to meet Clarice and Terry! They help to make the most wonderful pictures! Thanks for the lense info!

Annie said...

WOW!!! you lucky lucky ducky

Pat said...

Nice camera. Beautiful pictures! It was nice meeting both of your friends, Thanks.

Sorrow said...

Ahhh now we know the tool of choice!
she's a beauty, but nothing compared to the skill of the user!
So when are you going to confess?
you really are a professional photographer for National Geographic, moonlighting as a sewing diva!
( Ps I LOATH HATE AND NOW DESPISE, this is my 3rd attempt, your comment thingy!)

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Glad you introduced us to Clarice and Terry. Does Mel get along well with them?

If I show my DH Clarice and her accessories he'll drool all over my keyboard but I may risk it cuz he loves cameras

periwinkle said...

wow -- love that polar bear pic, Clarice and her owner are doing a fine job :-)

Julz said...

Thank you for sharing - my buddy is a Canon 400D which I too love (must think of a name for her!!) I have a 17-85mm lens and a 100-200mm lens. Your 60mm lens is that what they call a macro lens? LOVE the polar bear shot. This is my new year goal to go to nightschool digital photography classes :) Hugs Jx

Anonymous said...

Nice camera ( Clarice ).
Beautiful pictures!
Kind regards,

Sonnja & Beertje Zonn

Cathy said...

Happy New Year Leanne! You and Clarice work beautifully together...amazing shots. Cathy

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Great pictures...I just got a Nikon D40 for Christmas and extra lens. (55-200) and I've been having such good fun taking pictures...though I think my kids are getting tired of being my models! :o)

Jenny said...

Love that your camera has a name! Great examples of the various lenses. Glad that you and Clarice spend so much time together as we benefit too!!!Beautiful photographs:)

Levin said...

i love your photos leanne - sometimes i'm a little envious of your camera, but to be honest, i would do it justice! i'd be likely to leave the one lens in and leave it on auto and take the same sorts of shots i always do!
but in all seriousness, your pics are gorgeous!

crafty things said...

Great to see the tool behind the images. Love that they have names - my mother always named her cars! Gertrude was one name I remember.

Anonymous said...

I am so tempter to buy a new camera friend!!! I really want to but I am trying to have restraint for now - one day soo though and I so need one of those macro lenses!!!! Lovely photos as always. Happy new year =]

corry said...

I'm so envious....three lenses!! Your foto's are so very beautiful. I'm using a sony alpha DSLR-A300. The 100-300MM lens is on my wishlist.

jacquie said...

you are clarice are a fabulous pair! i'm envious of these wonderful photos.

Mrs Moog said...

Clarice and Terry look like a match made in heaven! I love the sharp close-ups with the 60mm lens.

I love my digital SLR too but still need to get to grips with all the great things it can do.

Your photos are gorgeous :-)


Kate said...

Such gorgeous photos!

Crafts a la Mode said...

Nice camera. I used to have a 35mm camera but then it stopped working. I do love the digital cameras because you only have to pay for printing out the ones you really like. The one I have now (Fujifilm) is rotten though. I bought it at Target and fully expected to take it back but I couldn't find the box or the receipt until it was "expired". Well, anyway, to make a long story short I am now stuck with this camera. It takes horrible closeups. I always loved my macro lens on the 35 mm. I took really, really close up pictures of butterflies and even my kids' hermit crab.
Have fun with it. I know you will. Linda