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Monday, 23 March 2009

Missing in Action/ Mel does Goolwa

I have been struggling with my time a little of late hence no posts for a while.
We had a lovely weekend away last weekend and Mel was up to his old tricks.
We went to Middleton, Sean was in a surf comp the weather wasn't great but it was a lovely weekend.
We went over to Hindmarsh Island to the Mouth of the Murray which due to limited water flow is slowly closing.
It was very windy and Mel had trouble holding onto the sign.

Mel does Goolwa

Enter able bodied assistant aka Tony who mind you is looking a little like a stalker I managed to get this shot.

Mel does Goolwa

Mel does Goolwa

We came across these Cape Baron geese in a paddock.

Mel does Goolwa

Mel nearly had a nasty surprise while watching them.

Mel does Goolwa

I was really saddened to see the river like this.

Mel does Goolwa

Normally the water would cover these pylons.

Mel does Goolwa

In the background you can see how low the water level is.

Mel does Goolwa

Mel as always was very keen to slip in here for a look.

Mel does Goolwa

When I said NO he went off and sulked at the train station saying he was going to run away on the train.

Mel does Goolwa

We then went to Victor Harbour and I offered him the chance to leave on the cockle train.

Mel does Goolwa

After long consideration he compromised with just having a chat to the driver

Mel does Goolwa

Mel does Goolwa

I had better go and check I haven't seen him since this photo!!!!!!!!

Mel does Goolwa


Shari said...

Glad to see Mel out and about. He's looking well and as cheeky as usual. Nice of him to take you along.


Unknown said...

Nice to see Mel on an Outing even though he did play up a bit...Looked like a Nice day all round...pity about the water levels..a bit sad.!!

Pat said...

I have been wondering what Mel has been up too! Lovely pictures.

Gari in AL said...

Really funny!

Jeni said...

I was wondering where Mel was .....I think Mel needs a outing cap to wear

Cicero Sings said...

That Mel sure can be rascally ... but I'm glad he comes around in the end!

It IS sad to see the river so low.

Kris said...

Hi Leanne! Gosh Mel has been busy! Middleton is one of my favourite places, so I am very jealous! I love Goolwa and Hindmarsh Island too. We used to stay there when the kids were little at Narnu Farm. (Before the bridge) The kids always had such a fantastic time at Narnu Farm!

Levin said...

it is really sad to see what's happening and the saddest thing is that no one really cares. no one is prepared to do anything because of economic/political reasons. silly really - i mean what are we leaving for our children?
enough of the sad though - looks like mel had a wonderful time :)

Deb said...

Love your new header Leanne, looks great.

Stina Blomgren said...

Glad to see a post by you... and Mel... he is just the same...full with a lot of fun...:o)
Love your photos!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Leanne thanks for cheering up my day. you take such wonderful photos. good to see mel back. we have friends that live at goolwa. havent been there as yet. I love reading your posts thanks again

Locket Pocket said...

What fun photos - especially the one of Mel with the train driver! Were you blushing when you asked him to pose with a green knitted monkey????

Susan In Texas said...

You're back! Lovely photos. Looks like you had a nice vacation. We're pretty parched for rain in Texas much of the time too, though not as bad as most of Australia. And it's supposed to rain tomorrow - yippee!! I hope you get some where it will do some good.

Happy stitching,

Teresa said...

Great pictures, thanks for sharing. We were going through a drought in SC for the last couple of years but I think we are caught up now with all the rains we have been having. Hope you get your fair share of rain soon!

em's scrapbag said...

What absolutely fun pictures. Mel is so photogenic.

Sorrow said...

I love the Mel Saga's and share them with my daughter. She loves that little green monkey, and thinks he is a riot! Hoping some rain comes your way soon!

Sarah said...

how wonderful it is too have a weekend away...

periwinkle said...

I hope he didn't run away on the lovely old train or we'll have no more Mel adventures to look forward to :-)
lisa x

annemariesquilt said...

Nice trip, you go!!

Jenny said...

We had a day trip to Goolwa on Sunday and were just gobsmacked at the lack of water-such a shame. Glad you had a great time and Mel obviously enjoyed himself again:)

Grazia said...

Great pictures for a wonderful weekend!
Congrats for your new header!
Kisses to Mel!:)

Anette L said...

Hi! Loved to see Mel again :o)
Lovely pics!
//Anette in Sweden

Teodo said...

Leanne I enjoy looking these fantastic pictures!
and I like very much the words in your new header.
ciao ciao

May Kristin said...

Beautiful photos again, Leanne,
So Mel is a naughty, little rascal again, but it
looks like you all had a wonderful week-end anyway!
Take care!

meggie said...

I hope Mel is safely back in the bosom of his family!
It is sad to see the river so low.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

I enjoy looking at your posts. It is a mini vacation for me. THANKS!!