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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

A bag for Gemma and a bag for me

I have a few things for this post.
I had started the Simple Women's Day Book and I love the idea but have decided to do it privately as a weekly diary for myself. I have made a folder and will print out each week with some photos.
For some time now I have been chatting to Shirley behind the blogging world as she didn't have a blog. I am not sure how this friendship came about but I am so glad it did and that she has started a blog so I can now see what she is up to , so pop on over and say hi to her.
A couple of bags one for Gemma and one for myself.

A bag for Gemma

A bag for me

A bag for me

Gemma and I have very different tastes and you might think the one made out of French General fabric would be for me and the bright orange one with butterflies would be for Gemma. No that is not the case mine is the butterfly one I use it when I go out and want to take my camera without lugging my large camera bag.

Walking photos.... Gemma and I went for a walk along the Torrens behind the zoo it isn't a pretty walk so will not rush to do it again.

Morning walk along the Torrens

This is the giraffe house I think.

Morning walk along the Torrens

A white faced Heron(I think)

Morning walk along the Torrens

Morning walk along the Torrens

It wouldn't be a walk without a duck.

Morning walk along the Torrens

A baby Cormorant or shag as my dad called them.
I wish I hadn't cut off its head in the reflection.

Morning walk along the Torrens

If anyone knows what tree this is I would be interested. I drive past it everyday to work and have done so for years but have never noticed it with these strange flowers before. That is not to say it hasn't flowered before I might not have noticed it. In my defense it is on my way to and from work so generally I am on automatic pilot.

Morning walk along the Torrens

Morning walk along the Torrens

Finally: Random Acts of kindness

A gift from Simone

My friend Simone sent me this very cute childrens book. I will need to brush up on my Dutch to read it but I'm happy with the pictures. She also sent some fabric with the children from the book perhaps these could replace Maisy when it has worn out.

A gift from sorrow

and Sorrow who no longer blogs sent me this lovely fabric with verses all over it because she said it said my name when she was cleaning out her cupboard.

A gift fron Sorrow

I especially loved this one.
Thank you my friends I consider myself very lucky to have you in my world and if you made it to the end of this post you have staying power.


Trudi said...

That's the old elephant house which now is an educational exhibit showing how ideas and practices in zoos have changed over the years. Nice bags- very stylish!

Dawn said...

Love the bags Leanne, and I have an idea that the tree maybe a Cumquat tree looks very familiar...and you can eat the fruit too....
Have a great day!... Hugs Dawn x

Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

I love the bags Leanne, very clever....and once again some stunning photography.... and blogging friends are the best!!

Kris said...

Ha! I have staying power! Loved the post Leanne. Both of the bags are beautiful and I loved your walk. I know it's not a pretty one, but it is an oh so familiar one to me and I love it.

Unknown said...

All is lovely! The bags.. The fabric... You Photografies... As always! Thanks to share a piece of your hobbies. Have a nice day!

Simone de Klerk said...

Great bags and I love the pictures and impressions you shared with us! Shirley makes beautiful projects!
Have a lovely week!

Levin said...

i know jip and janneke!
if you need help i could give it a go ;-)

Shirley said...

Hi Leanne,
Thank you for thinking of me on your blog. I too am very happy that we met, I sent you a message when I made your thread bag. My daughter Sarah at the time was in Australia back packing. You have no idea how sane you kept me during that time. Here is to a long and happy friendship and many of the world's troubles would be sorted if they only took up needle and thread and talked more.
Love Shirlx
ps, love the bags.

Sorrow said...

I love the bag with the butterflies! That was a stop...and a big OOOooooo pretty!
was wondering, would you mind if I painted that one heron bird? I love his face! would you know what kind it is? it has such pretty markings! Thanks for the walk with Gemma! How's mel doing?
and so glad you liked the fabric, It really does seem like you, sensible with lots of love and home overtones!

Mary said...

I've never seen a white faced heron...lovely! Beaautiful bags, too!

Grazia said...

They're both beautiful bags, but I prefer Gemma's one....we have the same taste..:)
Great pictures once again!

Tatkis said...

Your bags are beautiful, but your photos! They are great! Thanks a lot for sharing!


periwinkle said...

I like the orange one best :-)... I always like your pics

May Kristin said...

Love your bags, Leanne!
Thanks for the walk!

Anonymous said...

The fabric is a Susan Branch design. I have a purse made of another design. " Tea Party"

Anonymous said...

Hi.....Those "flowers look like seed pods to me - probably has small white flowers ?? one of the kurrajong family. Jan in Aus