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Monday, 22 February 2010

Wang Wang & Funi

On Friday evening I was luck enough to be able to attend a special viewing of Wang Wang & Funi. For those of you who do not live in Adelaide Wang Wang & Funi are Pandas lent to our zoo hoping that they will breed as we all know they are in terrible danger of extinction. They arrived in November last year and have been very popular. They have just recently been able to go out into their out door enclosure due to quarantine.
Here are a FEW snaps.

This is Funi inside.
The inside photos do not work out very well because of the reflection off the glass.

Wang Wang

We were really lucky as Wang Wang took himself outside for a stroll.

Wang Wang

Wang Wang

Wang Wang

Wang Wang

Panda bottom anyone.

0Wang Wang

They are truly beautiful creatures and it would be a great same if we can not save them from extinction.
I will reduce the size of my header picture in a day or so as I know it is a pain when large photos take ages to down load.
I just couldn't resist it.


Shirley said...

Wonderful Leanne, I hope they learn to love each other. They are such beautiful creatures. Thank you for sharing.
Love Shirley.x

Sue-Anne said...

What wonderful photos! How lucky to be able to see them outside. I remember when Kellie was a baby, must have been about 21 years ago, Melbourne Zoo had two pandas on loan and we made a special trip down to see them. They were inside in their pens and were sleeping but it was still special. They are remarkable animals and I really hope they are saved from extinction. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful pictures.

Kate said...

Lovely photos! I remember the pandas that visited Melbourne too, I must have only been about 5 at the time! They are gorgeous animals, though from what Ive read they dont seem too smart...

Jill said...

Your photography is superb. I want to go see them too but will wait til the crowds ease off a bit. Aren't they gorgeous?

Jo in TAS said...

Pandas are so adorable, I hope I can get to see them in real life too but for now your header picture will have to do!

Annie said...

They're so beautiful

julieQ said...

I love this picture! Leave it large...quite an impact. The bears are bigger than I imagined and just gorgeous.

Sarah said...

wow, wow and wow. Lucky you to see them IRL.

Jenny said...

Wow you sure got some good shots-they certainly are such beautiful creatures. Haven't been to see them yet but I will-thanks for the snaps;)

Cath Ü said...

amazing animals... we saw them on the news here.. lucky you seeing them in the real....
Caths Blog
Cath Ü

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