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Monday, 4 October 2010

Oh joy some nice weather

I made a quilt for Lucas just before we went away so as the weather was quite nice this morning I finally got to take some photos of it.
I should be hung the other way but there were bees in that Wisteria.

A quilt for Lucas

A quilt for Lucas

The label.
Lucas' room is across from my sewing room and when he goes to bed and I am sewing he always pops in to say good night.
I seem to make a lot of bags and when he asks me what I am making he always says
"It's not another bag is it?"
hence the label.

Quilt label

Finally some nice weather and after some great winter rain things are blooming.


roses coming into bloom

This white iris has been covered in flower sadly they don't last long.

white iris

I love this shade of purple.

purple iris

I think the rain has been good for the Bluebells I haven't had any in the garden for a few years.

Bluebells in the garden

Bluebells in the garden

Bluebells in the garden

Bluebells in the garden

Bluebells in the garden


Roseanne said...

Your son will love his quilt not his bag!!! LOL.

dutchcomfort said...

Fantabulous quilt Leanne! Love the story about the bags!

Those flower pictures... so wonderful. Though it’s October we still have 20oC and more. It has been very wet in August and September so lots of fungusses in my little city garden.

Happy week!

Susan said...

Lovely quilt! And your garden must be beautiful with those delightful blooms! I bet both your son and your garden give you a lot of joy!

Jill said...

Great quilt Leanne. Nice to have you back in blogland too. Was following your trip - very jealous! Your flower pics are spectacular - you are so good at all these things. Hope Hetties didn't go broke while you were away ha ha! Jill x

Shirley said...

I almost thought I was looking at an English garden there Leanne. Lucas is a lucky chap - lovely quilt gift.

Simone de Klerk said...

Beautiful flowers! Love the tag on your son's quilt.

seabreezequilts said...

Lovely pics as usual. The quilt is still looking in good nick. Hasn't it been a lovely weekend.

Tatkis said...

Wow, such a beautiful and colourful quilt! Great work!
And flowers are so fresh and nice!

Best wishes,

Grazia said...

Lovely quilt, beautiful flowers...lucky son...:)

Kris said...

Love your photos! Every thing is growing like crazy everywhere. It's all so pretty. I conceded tonight at the dinner table that the last of the lovely weather was gone (you know me and winter!) and I thought of you and thought you must be enjoying the weather now! Between the two of us there's never a day that isn't appreciated!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Gorgeous quilt and gorgeous pictures..thanks for sharing!

Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

hey that looks fabulous Leanne, and I am sure Lucas is pleased that it is not a bag!! It looks wonderful amongst the wisteria, roll on summer huh!

Anonymous said...

HA! What a fun heirloom for him! It is beautiful. :)

Annie said...

Beautiful quilt and FABULOUS flower shots

Teodo said...

Your pics are MERAVIGLIOSE (amazing)
ciao ciao

Teodo said...

ops and the quilt too.
ciao ciao

Levin said...

david is already missing the rain.....he's started bucketing bath water, washing water etc....but the garden does look gorgeous after all that rain.
i love the quilt you made for lucas. perhaps you could make a bag for him to store it in ;-)

Lorrie said...

Your photos are all so beautiful - a breath of colour and life as we head into autumn.
I do love the colours and patterns in that quilt. Very striking.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love the fabrics in the quilt, and the label is the perfect finishing touch!

Chookyblue...... said...

the quilt for Lucas looks great........I am sure he will love it.......love the flowers too.......

Mary said...

I love the quilt and the flowers are gorgeous! I like to hang quilts outside in the flowers, too :-) Good joke about the bag...or not bag!

Christine said...

Great quilt .. I love the label.