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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Missing in action

After I have dragged myself up from the depths of despair I am now back to reality. My wonderful holiday is over .................... back to work and staff problems which has seen me working more days than I want. The house was still standing and clean to a 21 year old boys standard............... I have nearly caught up.
So what is a girl to do when she is working lots of extra days...................................... buy herself some fabric to make a quilt.

a gift for myself

A few more beach shots from my holiday we returned to South Australia to freezing cold weather I still haven't gotten over the shock.
Roll on summer.


Pottsville a lovely little surf beach in Northern NSW.


This made me laugh the women in the front of this canoe was paddling and the man in the back was enjoying the scenery.


This was where we stayed in Broad Beach if you look hard enough you can see Tony and Gemma out on our balcony a long way up.

Broad Beach

Our view out to sea.

Broad Beach

Broad Beach

Gemma was impressed that we were across the road from Pacific Fair so at the drop of a hat she was off shopping.
While we were in Broad Beach I got to catch up with another bloggy friend Jodie we had a lovely chat and a coffee at Pacific Fair.
It was nice to catch up Jodie we will do it again next time.

Broad Beach at night

Playing at night

Broad Beach at night

My friends finished mosaic taken at night sadly it doesn't do it justice.

Kerry's mosaic


Kris said...

Yes! Even I will admit that it has been cold here Leanne. (Today was freezing!) I love Pottsville and I remember when Pacific Fair first opened! (Getting old!)Sad that you had to get back into real life, but the fabric and a new quilt may well make up for that!

Shirley said...

Hey Leanne,
glad you are back safe and sound and that you had a great holiday. I too would have had to buy more fabrics to cheer myself up. In fact I seem to do it all the time just lately!!! The fabrics look so pretty, wonder what you are going to make with them. Have loved all your photo's so thanks for the road trip.
Love Shirley.x

dutchcomfort said...

You sure had a wonderful holiday, those pictures are amazing. I hope you feel a bit better, though getting back to real life can be difficult.

And then there are fabrics, they always cheer a girl up!

periwinkle said...

nice to see you back, thank you for sharing your holiday with us

seabreezequilts said...

From all those pictures I can image you still away. What's with the weather men they keep saying that we are going to have 20+ and all it is is 16 they have got to be joking. Sick of the cold weather. Got back from my walk and my thumbs were blue (might have been the dyeing that I did yesterday but it was bloody cold).

Susan Snooks said...

Thanks for sharing more of your holiday! Look forward to seeing your new quilting project. It is so cold in Melbourne today that it is snowing in the Dandenongs- some 20 km away!!! Roll on summer, alright!

Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

well we all need some MIA time sometimes, but looks like you had a super family holiday!... and the extra work must be worth it when you get winning s like that yummy yummy fabric...

Lorraine said...

Hey Leanne - was just thinking I would send out a search party for you.....! The problem I have with holidays is that you plan and save for ages.....then it's all over and it is back to the "real" world....hope your staffing issues get better so you get some time to make that wonderful new fabric into something awesome. I am on a fabric diet at the moment..trying to use up what I have....I said "trying".....and even I am over the cold weather - frost here this morning - it was freezing out walking at 6am.....bring on some sunshine! ....welcome back and thanks for sharing your holiday snaps!

Levin said...

welcome back
i've been reading your blog with lots of envy. especially because it was warm up there and freezing down here.
glad you had a good time :)

Tatkis said...

Wonderful pictures! And new stash looks great! :)

Ally Jay said...

It's always hard when a holiday comes to an end. Still it looks like it was great fun. We're coming to Australia in November and can't wait.

Lynda said...

I've so enjoyed your holiday photos. Love Pacific Fair.

Annie said...

LOVE the mosaic and yes I whole heartedly agree about the fabric and the quilt - spot on! My thoughts exactly

Mary said...

Beautiful beach shots and night lights. It is always sad to get back from a vacation and have to go back to work. Beautiful mosaic and I love the quilt fabrics.