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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Maleny a place to relax

MelanyAlign Center

We had 4 days in Maleny which was lovely such a wonderful part of the world.
The weather turned cooler and I had to get my jeans out again.


While walking to a waterfall this fellow had Tony running like a girl.
An Australian Water Dragon I think.



Look at those claws.

Mary Cairncross Park 26/8/10

We spent a morning walking through Mary Cairncross Reserve it was an amazing walk. The trees were so large and tall they make Tony who isn't that tall look even smaller.

Mary Cairncross Park 26/8/10

Lots of Fungi it fascinates me as we don't see it much at home.

Mary Cairncross Park 26/8/10

Mary Cairncross Park 26/8/10

Mary Cairncross Park 26/8/10

A Pademelon hiding in the undergrowth.

Mary Cairncross Park 26/8/10

more fungi

Mary Cairncross Park 26/8/10

Mary Cairncross Park 26/8/10

Rosebrook cottage Melany

This is were we stayed and I would recommend it for a relaxing break.
Rosebrook Cottages.

View from Rosebrook cottage Melany

Our view out over the valley


There was a lovely little river near our cottage this is Tony playing Pooh sticks.

Rosebrook Cottage

A statue near our cottage.

Sunset Rosebrook Cottage

A wonderful end to the day.
Thank you for all your comments I do appreciate them but I am struggling with the replies as the email is set up differently on this computer. It is very laborious opening and relying and I am not sure why I have tried changing the setting but to no avail.
I will deal with them when I get home.


Susan Snooks said...

Your photos are really stunning! It is a beautiful part of the world! Enjoy the holiday and don't worry about the email! We all understand!

Annie said...

Photos of magnifigance Leanne

Chookyblue...... said...

as usual............love them all.......esp the fungi ones........that statue looks real........

Kris said...

Hey! Forget the emails! It's a holiday.

Oh I love Mary Cairn Cross park. I grew up in Brisbane and spent many happy days picnicing there and wandering around the forest. I haven't been there for about 20 years I think. Thanks for the photos. So many memories!

Lorraine said...

Fab pics as always Leanne....I feel like I have had a holiday as well! ....that statue is a bit realistic for me though! forget the emails.....we know you love us!!

Teresa said...

Thanks for sharing the gorgeous pictures. Don't worry about responding to this comment -just wanted to say thanks.

Lynda said...

Thanks for showing us all your photos. I'm really enjoying your holiday.

Ally Jay said...

It looks like you had a wonderful break.

Anonymous said...

Okay, that little kid statue kind of freaked me out a little at first! ha! Great photos!

Anna Zont said...


Susan In Texas said...

What a lovely place! Interesting fauna, that's for sure. What is a padelmelon? (did I spell that right? probably not!) It looks like a kangaroo rat or something.

Take care,
Susan in Texas

PS I can wait for an answer. lol I can always google it, if I get desperate! lol

julieQ said...

Such gorgeous pictures! How in the world did you get such a marvelous picture of the dragon...gorgeous. Those trees have such energy...so large!!

May Kristin said...

Awesome photos, Leanne!
I've been enjoying your road-trip through your lens. Your country is so beautiful!
Must have been so fun to meet with Chookyblue and her family!
Take care.

Handmade in Israel said...

Beautiful photography! Look at that Water Dragon! I'll be visiting again soon.

Shirley said...

Fab pics there Leanne. Love the trees. Hope you are well.
Love Shirley.xx

Mary said...

Your photos are amazing! I love the twisty tree and the Water Dragon. All of them are great shots. What a great place to stay.

Becky said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures Leanne. I thought at first the statue of the little girl was real.
Love those trees too. I have a screensaver with those kind of trees in it.