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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Birds on Mt Tambourine

We went for a drive in the late afternoon the sun was just about down.
This was taken near Oxenford.

late evening near Oxenford

Late evening

If your an Aussie you will know what this is.

Out on a walk

Yesterday we went for lunch in Mt Tambourine. We stopped at a Polish restaurant for a coffee the view was amazing.
Just up the road handgliders were taking off and riding the currents.

Mt Tambourine

There were lots of birds these I did not recognise.
I am sure my friends Julie and Graham would be able to help me!!!!!!!!

Mt Tambourine

Mt Tambourine

The Rainbow Lorikeets were particularly friendly and very naughty.

Mt Tambourine

They loved the sugar and stole all that were not grabbed by us for our coffee.

Mt Tambourine

When people had finished eating and left......... they flew in and helped themselves.

Mt Tambourine

They were also very keen on the milk.

Mt Tambourine

They had even worked out how to get the saucer of the top of the jug.

Mt Tambourine

They were not frightened by us at all.

Rainbow Lorikeets

Mt Tambourine

It was a fantastic view but not a particularly relaxing coffee fighting of the birds...... but well worth the stop


Jo in TAS said...

Those lorikeets were probably visiting from The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, they've gorwn so used to being around people. Could that other bird be a Butcher Bird?
I spent alot of my teenage years watching the hangliders and visting the Falls. AAh memomries, thank-you for reminding me!

Angie said...

WOW those birds are sooooo beautiful and soooo smart!! :) I would thoroughly enjoy those birdies---and gorgeous scenery!

julieQ said...

Look at those pretty babies! I am amazed that they were not frightened...obviously they had dined at that place before, LOL!

Shirley said...

Hope that wasn't gin and tonic in the glass on the last pic, ha! Smart birds. Who says they don't have brains?!!
Love the pics.
Love Shirley.x

BubzRugz said...

Great pictures...... those rainbow lorikeets are such nonsenses.... I never thoiught they would be so keen on milk! Hugz

Chookyblue...... said...

the first bird is a butcher bird.........those lorikeets sure are quite.........they are so pretty though...........

Susan In Texas said...

The rainbow lorikeets are gorgeous. We don't have anything like them in Texas. Not very shy either are they! They look like they should be mascots at a gay pride parage. 8) The one with the fluffy grey breast (a butcher bird according to Chooky, I see) was adorable too. Interesting beak on it - it's probably adapted to eat one particular food or something. 8)

Very interesting!
Susan in Texas

Karen said...

WOW!! Those pics are divine. Love the lorikeet with the sugar packet.

Helen said...

Love the Lorikeets! I saw many of them when growing up, but sadly we don't have them here in the Netherlands. We sure could use some colourful birds. Why O why are our birds only grey or brown?

Teresa said...

I can not imagine such beautiful birds in the wild, much less a flock of them that you can get so close to.

Hey..I am an American, and I know what that little building is, lol.

Unknown said...

The bird with the hook on its beak IS a Butcher Bird. Looks like a baby to me. They have a lovely call which entices other birds to come near and then the Butcher bird snavels them with his/her butcher's hook.


sara said...

preciosas las fotos me an encantado los pajaros

dutchcomfort said...

Wow for all those colours and birds!