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Friday, 20 August 2010

Whale watching

Whale Watching 19/8/2010Align Center

Yesterday I went whale watching to say it was amazing is an understatement.
They poked their noses out of the water to see us.

Whale Watching 19/8/2010

Whale Watching 19/8/2010

They showed us their tails.

Whale Watching 19/8/2010

The sun glistened off them.

Whale Watching 19/8/2010

They rolled on their sides.

Whale watching 19/8/2010

Catching them breach the surface was hard so lots of photos of splashes.

Whale Watching 19/8/2010

Whale Watching 19/8/2010

Whale Watching 19/8/2010

Lots of fin slapping

Whale Watching 19/8/2010

Barnacles on noses

Whale Watching 19/8/2010

and on fins

Whale Watching 19/8/2010

Blow holes

Whale Watching 19/8/2010

Nearly caught a breach

Whale Watching 19/8/2010

Whale Watching 19/8/2010

Whale Watching 19/8/2010

There were so many whales they approach the boat and checked us out they played with each other while swimming around the boat. They were so close you could almost touch them. They were so close my long lens could not focus.

Fraser Island

We motored out past Fraser Island.

Fraser Island

This was the boat I went out on I would recommend them the crew were friendly and informative.

Whale watching 19/8/2010

They are truly amazing creature but sadly they are still hunted.
If you ever have the chance to see them I recommend it. If you have the chance to sign a partition against whale hunting please sign it and feel free to add my name.
I am always conscious of humans interfering with the animal kingdom and worry that the boats may affect the whales. The women who was our guide said she has been doing the tours for 12 years and has seen the number of whale in the bay increase.
I do hope the Australian Government does something to stop the Japanese hunting the whales.
They are the most amazing creatures.

If these photos haven't bored you too much there are more on my Flickr page just click on one of the photos and you will be taken there.


Kris said...

What an experience!!! Love the photos too.

Jo in TAS said...

You'd have loved Tassie this week!
We had a mother whale give birth in the Derwent River for the first time in over 180 years. Apparently before hunting began in the 1880's the Derwent River was like a nursery for whales. Imagine if we could get back to that! Just beautiful!!

Terry said...

Your whale photos are amazing! Thanks so much for sharing them all! :0)

Karen said...

Bloody amazing pics Leeanne.

Liz said...

Wow, fabulous pics....

Leisa said...

How amazing your photos are. Whales are the most amazing creatures and it is such a privelege to be able to be so close to them.

Anita said...

Awesome pics!!

Chookyblue...... said...

Oh wow what a great experience.......love your photos.......

Lorrie said...

Fabulous photos. We've gone whale watching here around Vancouver Island, but never so close, and somehow, I always miss the breaches.

Your experience is something to treasure.

BubzRugz said...

Hi Leanne, beautiful photo's... I was lucky enough to go there last year - just an awesome experience... You captures some great shots.. Hugz

Trudi said...

Fantastic photos Leanne! And the water looks nice and calm too! You must be having a fabulous holiday.

Susan In Texas said...

Wow! What terrific pictures and WHAT a terrific opportunity. It's wild that those whales can be so amazing and so disgusting at the same time. lol I just want to scrape those nasty barnacles off them and give them their smooth skin back! I wish the Japanese would do THAT instead of hunting them. You're preaching to the choir there; I've been lobbying against whaling for years now.

Thanks for sharing all the great pictures.

Susan in Texas

Roseanne said...

Just love the whale photo. To see them up close would of been amazing.

Lily Rose said...

WOW!!! What a great photos…, watching whales in their own location is a unique experience.

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Shirley said...

Fantastic Leanne. Add my name too.
What a great experience.
Love Shirley.x

Anonymous said...

Waouw, Leanne, stunning pictures. Gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.

Sorrow said...

Heavens Leanne! these are spectacular! I just want to reach onto a photo and touch one.
How are you doing? feeling?
Waving my whale tail at you and smiling!

Lucky-1 said...

WoW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your photos have left me speechless. And that is very hard to do;)

Sue-Anne said...

As usual, your photos have blown me away Leanne. They are fantastic! The whales are beautiful and totally agree that we humans should keep away from the wildlife and we should all protest against the senseless and brutal hunting of whales.

dutchcomfort said...

Your pictures are so wonderful. I can’t even begin to imagine what it must have felt like to see those whales, they are amazing creatures. I hope mankind will understand they need to stop hunting them.

Sarah said...

Oh Leanne,

Those photos were amazing... Our whale (and baby) is hiding out in the river for us to see... even with the long lens!

Simone de Klerk said...

Oh my, this is awesome!!! Amazing.

Anna Zont said...

Your photos are amazing!!!! Thank you!!!!

jodie said...

amazing creatures, and great shots.

Tatkis said...

Fantastic pictures! Incredible!
Thank you very much for sharing!

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

I got to do this same thing in Hawaii a few years ago with humpback whales. It was like whale soup in the water- there were so many! I was so overwhelmed by the whole experience. The only way I could describe to anyone afterward was that it was as cool as the birth of my kids! Thank you for sharing your photos and bringing back good memories. :)

Debbie J said...

I just love your pictures- never boring

Mary said...

These are fantastic photos! So close! Wow!