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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

A day at Denby's

Tony and I went to a friends farm for the day.
After lunch we went for a walk lots of photo opportunities.

A Day at Denby's

Then out to check the sheep it was a hot day

A Day at Denby's

A Day at Denby's

Flowers or perhaps weeds????

A Day at Denby's

Then to a lookout near the farm.

A Day at Denby's

The dog came in the back of the ute.

A Day at Denby's

Then on the way home we stopped at an old farm house.

A Day at Denby's

A Day at Denby's

A Day at Denby's

A Day at Denby's

A Day at Denby's

A Day at Denby's

The locusts were particularly bad near Blyth so we stopped to check the tennis courts, not sure there will be much left after these hungry bugs have had a feast.

A Day at Denby's

They are really horrid and fly around you as you walk.

A Day at Denby's

A Day at Denby's


dutchcomfort said...

Beautiful pictures and I love your new blog header!

BubzRugz said...

A lovely series of pictures Leanne - I especially love the new header photo....
Happy New Year to you and yours...

May Britt said...

Thanks for showing these wonderful pictures. Most of them....LOL... a bit scary with all those bugs. Do not know how I would have tackled those. All my photos outdoors here would have shown snow snow snow and snow.

Simone de Klerk said...

Wow, great pictures. They give a good impression of where you were. Maybe silly, but it reminds me of McLouds Daughters. It works on my imagination.

periwinkle said...

Wouldn't like to see the spider that created that awesome web and I've never ever seen locusts like that. Nice to see a bit of sunshine though .

ranette said...

Great pictures...looks like it was a hot day! The locusts are awful. We call them cicadas here, but we don't have that many for sure!!!

Dawn said...

You take the most amazing Photo's... thanks for sharing.... Happy New year
Hugs Dawn x

Kris said...

We have locusts on the front of our car cause Brad had to go out to Mannum for work. He said they were really noisy when they hit the car. Love the photos! But I am pining for the old header. (How telling is that? I can't handle change obviously!)

Shirley said...

Great photo's Leanne. Not sure I fancy walking through those Locusts though. We had heavy rain last night and it was great to see grass again this morning.
Love Shirley.

Helen said...

there is only one word to describe this 'awesome'. Beautiful pictures, keep them coming.

Chookyblue...... said...

love the old house........hope they had a dry dirt road..........lol........

Cicero Sings said...

Now that was a spider web and a half! Glad I'm big.

Locusts too ... yuck. Can't say as I'd like walking through all those. We have little hoppers in the fall and even they give one a whallop when they hit.

Lovely traveling along on your day trip. We had a fresh snow overnight and it is mostly overcast ... not much to take pictures of here at present.

C said...

Wow! That is so cool.

Shay said...

I was out that way Wednesday last week. The locusts were dreadful. Thank goodness I was in a work car I dont have to wash!

Your day looks like fun.

Susan said...

I'm with Kris- I don't have anything against sheep, but I love the old header. But perhaps the new one is more relevant to you at this time of year. Enjoyed the tour!

Sarah said...

Those are great shots!

Yes I like the new header as well.

Hope those locusts do not make it past the Bass Strait!

Lorraine said...

Great pics Leanne.....the locusts have all but gone from here now....they were pretty bad for a week or so. It looked pretty hot on the farm - love the way the sheep get in under the tree(s) for shade.

Susan In Texas said...

We have grasshoppers like that about every 7 years here in Texas. Awful the way they crunch underfoot and go flying when you walk. I'm glad it's not every year!

It's interesting to see the old farmhouse. Strange to think of people living there not all that long ago, and now it's a ruin.

Terrific pictures,
Susan in Texas

Cubby House Crafts said...

Lovely photos Leanne!
The flowers are what I call 'pincushions' I have them in my flower garden (quite a pretty cottage garden flower)

Teodo said...

Thanks for these wonderful photos.
Happy 2011.
ciao ciao Linda

Karen said...

I went for a run with a friend yesterday and we got caught in a swarm of locusts It was disgusting.
The photos as usual are awesome.

Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

what a fun day Leanne, except for the locusts that is, they are amazing. So is that cobweb, but that is fantastic amazing!

julieQ said...

That does look how for the sheep!! Lots of buggies there...I would not like to be in the middle of them!

Mrs A said...

Happy new year, hope it cools off down there for you, locusts are such a pest, those wildflowers are pretty.
Great photos they really do show how dry it is there, you need some of our qld rain !

Annie said...

GREAT photos Leanne - LOVED the one of the sheep bottoms. I had some experience with those locusts too on my way to the Mallee. They were just horrible. You captured them very well in the photographs.