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Sunday, 5 December 2010

How cute is this?

I worked at the shop yesterday and we got a delivery of these very cute fabrics. I thought I would make up some kits for these handy baskets. I bought a kit home and whipped this one up this morning. The fabric is Melly's new range and is super cute. Not sure which one I like the best. There are other colours in the range Lorraine has them all in the shop.

Sample for the shop

Sample for the shop

Sample for the shop

Sample for the shop

Sample for the shop

Meet Bella who would do anything for food unlike her mother Molly.
One night through the week I went to put them to bed and this is how I found Bella fast asleep with a midnight snack close enough to gobble up through the night. It was obviously one of Lucas' chips as it has sauce on it, and guess what it wasn't there in the morning.

Bella's midnight snack


Lurline said...

Wonderful - those fabrics are to die for!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Susan Snooks said...

I don't know what is cuter- that dear little puppy fast asleep or the new owl fabric! The fabric basket is great too!

Sue-Anne said...

HI Leanne, Those baskets looks divine! At least Bella saved the chip until later, my Buddy would have wolfed it down before anyone else could take it!!!

dutchcomfort said...

Melly’s fabrics are so cute, almost as cute as Bella!

Shirley said...

I would be hard pushed to choose a favourite fabric, they all look so good together. What lovely gifts they will make. Wendy brings Pebbles to sewing on a Wednesdsay and she comes in wagging her tail and comes to each of us in turn expecting a few crumbs and then she falls asleep and snores loudly.
Love Shirley.x

Shirley said...

Just read that through again and I mean Pebbles snores loudly and not Wendy. Ha!

Jan Hatchett said...

Those fabrics (and that bag) are fabulous! Love it!

Levin said...

ha ha ha - what a cute dog. reminds me of louis - he likes to have a midnight snack handy ;-)
i love those little bags - the fabric is so cute :)

Tatkis said...

Oh, the bag is wonderful, and the fabrics! I love owls and elephants the best :))
And those animals! Our cat likes to eat fruits sometimes, isn't it odd? :)

Best wishes,

Grazia said...

I love these fabrics especially the one with monkeys....so cute!!

Cheryl said...

What a sweet bag!!! How cute is that a snack close by!

Mary said...

Love these fabrics and a very cute bag!

periwinkle said...

melly's fabric is just lovely , no way can I choose which one I like best