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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

A Strange Walk

Last night Lucas and I went for a walk doing a letter box drop for this

and look what we came home with

Tony the Turtle

He is obviously someones pet he was in the middle of the road with the ants worrying him.
I didn't want him to be run over so he came home with us.
We got some very strange looks............ it's not your usual pet to take for a walk.

Tony the Turtle

I put a sign up on a tree near where we found him hoping to find his owners, and one in the local deli.

Tony the Turtle

look at his lovely shell markings

Tony the Turtle

if no one claims him I will ring the zoo or animal welfare or
if any of you Adelaide bloggers would like a pet turtle let me know.
I would love to keep him but he would cause chaos in my back yard pond and Molly would spend every hour of the day trying to kill him.


Shay said...

He's beautoful. I hope his owners turn up to claim him!

You find the most awesome things on your walks!

Unknown said...

It´s really nice! This weekend we saw a picture film about a turtle (Sammy) Surely my littles daughters would like it but...

Good chance looking for her owner!


Kate said...

Certainly not what you expect to find out on your walk :-) I've heard they have a habit of wandering, hopefully the owner finds you.

Shirley said...

Hope his owners come to claim him soon. I spy a sequin on the floor too.
Love Shirley.x

Susan In Texas said...

I don't think he would stop until he was king of the pond. I've never heard of a turtle escaping before, but anything is possible. One wonders how far from home they could get? Good luck finding the original owners.

Happy stitching,
Susan in Texas

Chookyblue...... said...

hey........he/she is gorgeous.........send it to my place..........lol...........how big is it???

seabreezequilts said...

My sister had one of those about that big in a huge tank in her bedroom when she was a teenager. The world ended when it died. Scouted out the site this morning. Getting excited... I think

Shontelle said...

I'm glad you picked him up. My friend accidently ran over one that was on the road. It squashed him.

Much safer with you.

Levin said...

if you can't find someone to take him, my neighbour will. she loves to rescue animals :)

Jo in TAS said...

Gorgeous turtle! We had a pet one in a tank, they're fascinating to watch swim and eat. Good Luck!

Karen said...

Hmm !! Turtle bag , turtle favours, turtle soup. Mc Turtle Burger, Appliqued turtle. Poor little man, hope you find his mummy.

Teresa said...

How good of you to rescue him. I hope you can find him a good home.

Sue SA said...

Our local creche staffer brings in her son's pet turtle to show the kids... she has had him for 18 years so they are definately a LONG term pet! Glad you rescued him though. Happy quilting Sue SA.

Sue-Anne said...

He's gorgeous. Our kids had one as a pet for a little while and they are really funny. I hope you find his owner.

Anonymous said...

We have one in our yard - we have had him since he was a baby (the size of a 50c coin) he is now quite large.

You can keep them in a tank OR in a fenced off area with water. My MIL has one (belongs to my brother-in-law) that lives in an old "clam shell" pond.

Good luck finding his home or a new owner . . .