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Monday 21 March 2011

Sharing and some snaps

I'm not sure if I am the last person to discover these but if not let me tell you about it. It is the best thing it holds 10 threaded needles. Perfect for non stop sewing. Once you have threaded your needles and put them in you wind it up and the threads are kept neat and untangled. Each needle and thread just pulls out when you want it. It's hard to describe but I love it. It is a clover product called Dome Threaded Needle Case I got mine from Hettie's Patch.

It has a lid to keep everything safe.

Another great buy is this case also from Hettie's

New case

It is strong and large enough to hold all my English Paper pieces and material for

New case

this quilt.

Red and White quilt

Tony and I went to Encounter Bay this weekend here are a few shot,
we went for a walk on Saturday afternoon.

Encounter Bay 22/3/2011

Encounter Bay 22/3/2011

we walked around the bottom of the bluff to a small jetty where a lot of men were fishing with out much luck because this cheeky fellow was having great fun in and amongst their lines.

Encounter Bay 22/3/2011

Encounter Bay 22/3/2011

Encounter Bay 22/3/2011

he caught a fish and popped onto some rocks to eat it isn't it the cutest face.

Encounter Bay 22/3/2011

Encounter Bay 22/3/2011

Encounter Bay 22/3/2011

Sunday morning I was up early for a walk

Encounter Bay 22/3/2011

Encounter Bay 22/3/2011

Encounter Bay 22/3/2011

along with lot of fishermen heading out to sea.

Encounter Bay 22/3/2011

Encounter Bay 22/3/2011

Encounter Bay 22/3/2011

Encounter Bay 22/3/2011

Encounter Bay 22/3/2011

I love swallows they remind my of my dad this little fellow was happy to sit on our balcony rail.

Encounter Bay 22/3/2011


Isabel C said...

Great pictures!!

Nicky said...

Beautiful photos it has been a while scince I have been to encounter Bay- what a great find in the seal

jodie said...

No - you are not the last person to hear about the needle thingy :) what a nifty idea!
Love the case, too cute, and a new project I see. Did you finish the hexies?
Great pics as always, thanks for sharing.

dutchcomfort said...

I never heard of the needle/thread holder. So clever!

Love those seal pictures and the red and white quilt is going to be fabulous!

seabreezequilts said...

Found needle thingy on THursday while packing for Port Pirie lol. Haven't used the bag I found it in since we went to the thimble lady class and it has been in there well before that so they have been around a while I just forgot about it. Must get it out and use it.

seabreezequilts said...
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Sarah said...

Tat is such a groovy tool!

As usual great shots. My fav is the seal on his back and the last one of the bird. Amazing how clear they are!

Sue said...

Fantastic photos Leanne!!! Such specky shots ... you are definately a great photographer!!!! I dont have one of those needle thingys .... but I think I need one ....thanks for showing it. Have a good week. Cheers Sue

Roseanne said...

I have never seen one of those neddle holders before what a good idea. I went on her site but could not see any. Love the case as well. What great phota of the seal playing I just love them.

ranette said...

I've used the needle nest for years and love it! Especially on car rides where it can be tricky to thread a needle.

Lovely photos! Can't wait to see the red project finished.

Lorraine said...

Love the look of that red/white project....the needle thingy looks like a pretty useful thing to have......great pics as always.....I guess the seal played havoc with the fish they guys were trying to catch....the sea is fantastic isn't it...and the little bird on the balustrade is just too cute!

Shay said...

Wonderful photos Leanne. That seal is having the time of his life. Look at those eyes!

I hadnt heard about the needle thingy either!

Jill said...

Great photos Leanne. I really love the one of the swallow. Love the needle holder - I've never seen such a thing - must check it out next time I'm at Hetties.

periwinkle said...

Oh I love your seaside pictures and the ones with the cloud reflections are just awesome . Fingers crossed the swallows will be arriving here shortly - fingers crossed to them on their long journeys

Susan said...

What a great needle keeper! My dear husband just found a lost needle on the carpet while doing his sit-ups! I think I need one!

Chris H said...

I'm sure I've never seen that needle threader thingee...oooo I hope I can find one here!
Love all your photos Chick.

Karen said...

Clover always come up with great gadgets. Looks a bit posh for me though, I just use my shirt front.
Those pics are divine as usual.

wendy said...

Oh Leanne
You must be so organised, threading your needles in advance.
I love your photos, it makes me want to come to Australia so badly.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful photography, maybe if I get over you can give me a few pointers.LOL

Ally Jay said...

Some very nice photos, what a show off seal. Love the quilt, those colours are rich and just look so lush. I want a hettie, and a needle threader.

Teresa said...

Great pictures...thanks for sharing. I am going to look for one of those needle threaders. Would be great for sewing in the car.

Cicero Sings said...

Now isn't that the dandiest needle keeper gadget you ever saw?!

Great pictures.

Googy Girl said...

Great Photo's love the early morning shots......

i think i am the last to hear about the needle thingy....how cool will have to hassle my local quilt shop for one of those.....

Dunski said...

Where is Mel??????????????????

I think he needs to be express posted to sunny QLd for break !!

rosie said...

Leanne, I love your pictures, you are very talented. What sort of camera are you using( if you don't mind me asking). Will be back to visit.. Take care Rosie