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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

OK......... can someone tell me

It seems like I have missed a month!
Not sure what I have been doing
I have been doing a bit of sewing.

Luggage tags

back when I first started blogging I received this as a gift and I love it.
It is on my camera bag.
I have made a few similar ones as gifts.

Luggage tags

then at Christmas Gemma received this from a friend. It was at the time I was busy making things for our stall and Gemma thought these where a good idea.

Luggage tags

I played around with plastic and fabric and got very frustrated with the plastic so these were born.
I made a whole alphabet they are cute but very time consuming.

Luggage tags

and are better than the piece of yellow ribbon I had on my luggage

Luggage tags

Then with some more playing these were quick and easy.

Luggage tags

Luggage tags

Kaffe Fassett anyone

Luggage tags

the reason they are so quick and easy is I bought myself one of these ..........
a Teflon Foot for Bernie and sewing plastic is no longer a problem.

Luggage tags


Teodo said...

Leanne these gifts are fantastic....and your photos in the previous post are MERAVIGLIOSE (amazing)
ciao ciao

Anonymous said...

Such a unique tag for a suitcase, finding your case would be a breeze. I have also misplaced March, if you find it let it know I want it to come back and take it a bit slower next time!!!

Shay said...

Love the tags Leanne! I'd never heard of a teflon foot but then there's so much I dont know.

Yes..Im pretty sure we must have skipped a week or two of March- it seemed to go so fast!

Shirley said...

Another great idea Leanne and saves all that confusion at the baggage carousel when all suitcases look the same. Today I thought how nice the weather was for March until I realised that we are now into April.

Chookyblue...... said...

not sure where March went either..........it whizzed by............the luggage tags look fantastic.........

jodie said...

I am sure it is a conspiracy, March was stolen!
Love the luggage tags. (and the one Gemma received as well - there are some clever people about).
How are the photography studies going?

Jodie said...

Love love love my teflon foot...and am heading towards a new machine...
I guess you would recommend a Bernina ?

Teresa said...

I don't know who stole March, but I will be darned if they think they are going to get April!

Love the luggage tags.

Lorraine said...

I have teflon feet....LOLOL ...that is one for the Pfaff and one for the Bernina....they are brilliant! perhaps that's what happened to March...I skated right over it with my teflon feet! it's gone though....and April is moving by just as quickly.....not sure why time goes so fast....I think I need to work it out though and learn how to apply the brake!

Chris H said...

Only March! I wanna know what happened to Jan and Feb Too! lol
Love your gifts.

Sue SA said...

Thanks for the tip Leanne, I didnt know you could get a foot that handled plastic! I love the plastic/vinyl (?) at Hetties and made some swimming bags, but cursed sewing it and vowed no more! I made luggage tags for my folks but skipped the paper/plastic and sewed their names and addresses using the Bernina alphabet... takes a bit to program, but thats how much I hated the plastic! Thanks for the great ideas, happy quilting Sue SA.

Jenny said...

Hello there:) I know what you mean about where March has gone-I am wondering too. Your tags are just so lovely. I liked seeing all the different stages of development-looks like you are getting a lot of use out of that new foot.

Anonymous said...


Annie said...

These look great Leanne