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Thursday, 14 July 2011



I have been having fun playing along with

learning lots of little trick.

A few week back Gemma and I went and listened to Jane Goodall, she is an inspirational and amazing women.

One of the messages she was passing on is the mandatory labeling of Palm Oil one of the reasons the forest are being cleared and the great apes are loosing their habitat.
Please take a few minutes to sign this on-line petition.

While I am on causes if you have Private Health cover please head over here and sign this petition click on the red tab at the bottom.

While I am here and pondering and asking everybody to sign petitions I went to my first 3D movie last weekend - how amazing is it. I must be getting old. We went and saw Transformers it is a bit of a family thing. Gemma said to me before it started I wasn't allowed to reach out and try and touch things.
I sat on my hands.

I really don't get e-magazines.
if I buy a magazine it is to curl up on the lounge and leisurely flick through it.........you just can't do that on a computer!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great week
Molly says thanks to everybody for their kind wishes she is getting better wearing a sock or a bucket........... roll on Monday when the stitches come out.


Shay said...

I dont understand online magazines either.

And 3D always fools me into wanting to touch stuff as well...

Liz said...

No, I can't come to terms with online mags at all and I'm not quite sure about these e-readers either. I can quite happily listen to a book but if I'm actually going to 'read', I like the feel and weight of pages.
I did the Kim Klassen mini last month and really enjoyed it too, she's quite clever isn't she..

Shirley said...

I agree, I like the feel of paper and just being able to curl up with a magazine and a cuppa. Imagine a 3D quilt show - we would all be reaching out to touch the quilts.

Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

yeh e-magazines just don't do it huh! Enjoy Kim Klassen, sounds like fun!
As for 3-D, have you seen the new 3-D fabric out for kids???

seabreezequilts said...

Got to say I will read an emag but it isn't the same especially if you have to be online to read them. They just aren't portable. I want to see Harry in 3D but chris is poopooing the idea... party poopa. The linky didn't work for the mini. I'll have a search when i get home from work though I am supposed to be doing something else lol.

Lynda said...

Good news about Molly. Looks like most of us prefer a paper magazine. Thanks for the links to the petitions.

Fiona said...

How great to go and listen to Jane Goodall... an inspirational woman... I certainly tried to catch things in my first (and only) 3D movie.....

Mrs Moog said...

I totally agree on the magazines thing and I can't get my head round ebooks either. I love to hold a book and flick the pages.

My boy is desperate to see Transformers. Might have to send him with Mr Moog while Minx and I watch soemthing else, as she really doesn't want to see it!


julieQ said...

I have too many other things to read...and I do love the feel of a worn book in my hand...

Marilyn said...

I love your Texture Tuesday entry. Beautiful image.

Cheryl said...

I have gotten a couple online magazines and it took me a couple minutes to figure out I didn't like it!! How amazing to listen to Jane Goodall!