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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Swag Bag

Lucas had yesterday off and in true Lucas style he was organising his stuff for next weekend.
He and a few mates are flying to Brisbane for Splendour in the Grass(music festival)
You have to love that tree of candy.
He is taking his swag and a few clothes.
He had thought his old school bag would some how turn into a
but this was not to be.
after lunch yesterday,
a quick trip to Ikea
a swag bag was born

Lucas' Swag Bag

new bag with old school bag only Lucas could think he would fit everything into this bag.

Lucas' Swag Bag

swag, pillow & sleeping bag all rolled up and in the bag ........... add a few clothes and he is set.
He wouldn't take many clothes as they do not shower for days urrrrrr.

Lucas' Swag Bag

I even put a D ring so he could pad lock it closed for the plane.

Lucas' Swag Bag

Finally sending HUGS to Norway no words can explain what they, as a country must be going through.


Kris said...

Well, I love the idea of a tardis too and often wish I had a few. Love the bag, a brilliant solution! He is a lucky boy to have you for a Mum!

My 25 year old flew home from Adelaide yesterday and she just had carry on luggage (a tiny backpack) and I quizzed her as to how much stuff she had left at her sister's house. None apparently. (She drove over in a car destined for someone else) I can't believe how little she had for the 11 days she was there. (She said her secret was washing machine access)

Fiona said...

really great bag - clever you .. lucas will love the festival... and I agree the tree full of lollies looks great

Shirley said...

Sarah and Olly recently came back from Glastonbury and they say the stench was unbelievable. It is safer not to wash than venture into the toilet area. A lot of people came back with bugs. I am sure Lucas will enjoy the music though and of course his nice new swag bag. We used to have a lollipop tree at infant school and if you did well at reading to the headmistress then you were rewarded with something from the tree.

Shay said...

You're a clever cuss Ms. Leanne. That swag back is fabulous!

Surely you can talk Lucas into taking more than one pair of undies. I also think you should do a deal where he does his own washing when he gets back....

Susan said...

Do our sons every stop needing us! Great bag! Can't imagine what the washing will be like when Lucas returns! I hope he has a ball!

tea with lucy said...

oh that tree full of lollies! yum.

Chookyblue...... said...

great bag...........