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Monday, 29 August 2011

Making, baking, knitting and I hate winter.


I saw a little skirt in "Molly Makes" it is a great magazine.
I whipped this one up in no time this morning as a shop sample.

Bunting for Jackson

Posted off some bunting for Jackson, it is for a friends grandson so is winging it's way to the USA.

Bunting for Jackson

I was asked to make a dog from a book.
Meet Fido.
I dyed the wool just to get it right.



new book

a couple of books one for Gemma so we can play bake.

Tea Cosy

and this little beauty for me so many cute tea cosies to knit.

Tea Cosy

I think this will be my first one.
I will have to con someone into the croqueting a couple of flowers for me.

Lucas and mud

and this is another reason me and my washing machine hate winter.


Lorraine said...

you have been busy! Love the cake book - might have to have a look for that one! Our library just had a tea cosy competition...there were some fantastic entries.....I have some pics and will put them up later...some of them might come from that book I think! Some very clever people out there...look forward to seeing your creations!

Liz said...

I hate winter too, I'm counting down to Thursday..! Love the tea cosy book, I wanted to buy it even though I don't knit.. :o)

Jo in TAS said...

LOL, my hubby used to hose down his filthy clothes on the lawn and give them a rinse before they got near my washing machine!

Sarah said...

That dog is so cute..

YOu have been VERY busy. All looking fab.

Umm That Planet Cake book looks good. Might have to go check it at the book store!

periwinkle said...

Oh Fido is sooooo cute , gorgeous colours and I love the look of that tea cosy book. Did you ever do the Dormouse one ? As for Winter it feels as though it's descending fast here even though we should still be late summer / early autumn !!

Roseanne said...

Love the dog it is so cute and I do like the skirt.

Shay said...

Damn you - I just bought that cake book . And its YOUR fault!

Yep-I'm fed up with winter too...

Simone de Klerk said...

Beautiful post! Great projects and lovely books. Look forward to your tea cosy (o:
The dog is really very cute (o:

Marg said...

Love the colours in the bunting, and that dog is so cute. Yay spring is almost here!

Sue SA said...

Cute, cute, cute, yum, cute but I dont knit or drink tea...hmmm perhaps you should have him go surfing in his work clothes before he brings them home for washing! Happy quilting, Sue SA.

Jenny said...

Love that skirt-have just got Molly Makes for my ipad and love it. Your dog is so cute and very professional indeed! Good luck with the tea cosies-they look very quirky. Winter is definitely on its way out:)

Kris said...

I really like Mollie Makes too! I just have issue 2. My Bradley drove 160kms out of his way to get me one! Must find a closer stockist!

Oh. And I love winter. Even a Melbourne one! Lucky the seasons change so we can both be happy lol!

Jill said...

Wow, great post Leanne. Lots of goodies there. I can't offer my crochet skills - I can only do chain stitch!

seabreezequilts said...

Hope the clown likes fido. Might have to make that skirt too. On the ever growing list. Really feel like going sewing today... cough cough i am sure I am too sick to go to work.

Julie said...

Oh yes....Winter, that could have been a photo of my husband! Love the skirt.

Pip said...

Another vote for hating winter here, washing takes so long to dry doesn't it? I could see that tea cosy as a really outrageous cake :)

Lynda said...

Lots of lovely stuff happening at your place Leanne - I agree about winter and washing though (over 30 years of washing work clothes coated in coal). The wool fabric you dyed is beautiful.

Chris H said...

That wee skirt is gorgeous, it gives me ideas for my granddaughters.
The dog is VERY CUTE!
I disllike winter too... so much washing!

Dunski said...

Spring tomorrow !!!!!Its been lovely here the past few days...Love the duckling !!!

Hey and really LOVE the bunting !!! I am sure Jackson will too !!

Fido is brilliant !! Great job !!

I need to chat with you soon, regarding my friend with her e-magazine for kids !!

Anonymous said...

Can I please pay you to make a skirt for Charlie? It's gorgeous! You could probably con mum into the flowers!