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Married to Tony mother to 2 children Lucas 23, Gemma 26 & her boyfriend Sean. Carer for 2 crazy Jack Russells. I'm dyslexic so excuse any mistakes. The Stitching Room is where I spend my time playing with Clarice (my camera) and Bernie (my sewing machine). Come on in and see what I'm up to.

Monday 5 September 2011

Red and White quilt tick

Tony's quilt

I put the last piece in Tony's red and white quilt last night.
I have really enjoyed making this quilt it is a Sue Daley pattern.
I really enjoy paper piecing.

Tony's quilt

We saw this quilt when we were in Qld last year, we were in Eumundi and I had the pleasurable task of visiting Sue for the shop.
Tony very rarely comments on quilts but he did on this one.
Now he has his own I am not sure how I will quilt it.

new skirt

You can not get good help these days.
This is Tony taking a photo of me supposedly with no head but oh well
----- me again twice in one year.
Shame about the weeds in the back ground.

New skirt

this one happened because I was walking towards him.
The skirt is a Nicki pattern and like all her patterns is very easy to follow.
I wore it to work today and got quite a few comments.
Thanks to my friend who lives around the corner for her invisible zipper foot.
I must get one when I am next at Otto's.

Pin cushion

I joined the Label crew here and each month you get set a pattern and a set of very cute labels.
This was my first pattern and I just love this fabric.

Pin Cushion

each month you get a label with your name on it.

Pin cushion


Simone de Klerk said...

I have joined that club too (o: My little house is still in the make. And the labels we get are so pretty!
Lovely seeing you and yes, the skirt is great!
Have a happy week.

Fiona said...

The quilt is lovely... very effective... and the label house is lovely.. thanks for the link....
Love your header picture...

Nicky said...

What a beautiful quilt! Did it take you long to make? I like your skirt too. It's very unique!

Shirley said...

Glad Tony didn't cut off your head. Didn't notice the weeds - too busy admiring the skirt. Lucky Tony getting a great quilt. I love Sue Daley's stuff.

Sue-Anne said...

Tony is a very lucky man, the quilt is gorgeous.

Love your skirt too.

Sue SA said...

I love red and white quilts, and you hand pieced it (!) your DH is a lucky man! Nice skirt, you have been very busy sewing, hmm perhaps your son is now doing his own washing?! Cute labels, very tempting, think I will have to check out that link. Happy quilting Sue SA.

Shari said...

Love the quilt. Love the skirt (very) and adore the little house. And you look very nice too...

Kris said...

I love, love, love your red and white quilt! Well, Tony's red and white quilt I should say. The man has taste! Love your skirt, and the little house is just darling. Of course I am madly in love with that fabric range myself so should probably love anything made from it!

Chookyblue...... said...

oh scary...........I ordered that quilt pattern and it is on it's way...........have been planning it for a few months now............I love it..........

very cool skirt.......nice to "see" you.........

seabreezequilts said...

The quilt looks fantastic. Waiting patiently for my first label club and the skirt looks really good. Might have to head down to the scaries for some denim as well.

Shay said...

LOVE that quilt. It's totally gorgeous. And quite masculine without being over the top.

Lovely picture of you Leanne. You are photogenic - I dont know why you dont think so.

Lynda said...

So many beautiful goodies Leanne - love them all.

Beertje Zonn said...

The quilt, skirt and the little houseis lovey!

Bear hugs, Beertje Zonn

Lorraine said...

Love the red and white quilt....paper piecing is addicitve isn't it! I joined the label crew a few months ago and now have lots of little brown envelopes sitting in my "to do" basket! love the skirt and nice pic....didn't notice the weeds in the background - (until you said they were there.......!)

Anonymous said...

I just love your house. And... shall I join the club too ?
Wishing you a great day.

Sarah said...

Oh I LOVE that skirt.

I have to make one.

Hope they have the pattern at the shop I will visit this weekend. If not - NO PROBLEM!

Great quilt and VERYYYYYyy cute pin house. Way cute.

ranette said...

What a gorgeous quilt! I think it's wonderful and I recognize some fabric in it :)

Great picture of you and very pretty skirt. I joined the label club too, but I haven't made a thing...maybe next weekend I'll have a go at the little house.

Chris H said...

The quilt is gorgeous.
so are the labels... and you look lovely in the photo with your head in it!

Jenny said...

Beautiful quilt-Tony must be very happy. Love the skirt and very lovely to see you. Love those labels too:)

periwinkle said...

I must have missed the first post with you on it , nice to finally put a face to the name ... love that little house so very cute . Oh and guess what ta daaaaa you won my giveaway so if you'd like to drop me a line we can sort something out x