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Saturday, 2 November 2013

A little help

Does anyone know what this machine is worth or know where I can find out.

It still has the machine in it and is in fairly good condition.



Unknown said...

I brought and cabinet with a Singer machine in it and it had a serial number on it. My husband can't remember what website he used (thinks it might be Singer) but you could track back to who owned it originally.

Maybe look at ebay or Gumtree to see what prices they are asking for them. The ones like yours I have seen around shops and stalls at about $200 to $500 dollars depending on condition and originallity.

I do have a little moment when I see the cast iron stands with plants on them or made into tables and think about how much history it would have with the machine still in it (if only they could talk!!).

Susan said...

If it has a little plate with a serial number on it, you can look it up here:

Then do an ebay search! That should give you some idea!

Good luck- it looks like a beauty Leanne!

jmj said...

It depends a lot on the machine, can we see a picture with the machine, there are some really rare machines with really amazing decoration.

Clara said...

It's a great value, specially for people who appreciate these items. I have a Singer like yours and a Necchi, both with wooden cabinet and perfectly working! Perfect for quilting!

Sue SA said...

Oh it is a lovely table, but I guess a detailed picture of the machine will be necessary, plus Bonnie Hunter always says you need to see that you have all the essential parts like the bobbin and case - as replacing them might be possible or not. I would try contacting
http://www.maryboroughflourmillgallery.com.au/page1.html as they have an extensive antique machine collection and told me they buy primarily off the internet, so will have an idea of the value.

Wendy said...

They can run anywhere from $100.00 upwards of 650.00 depending on what kind of shape the cabinet and the machine are in. If the machine is in working order that is a plus. And if you have the bobbins/shuttles then so much the better. Also if you have extra attachments that will help get a better price as well. If you have the serial number you can go on the Singer site and they have all types of information you can print out on the machines. Your machine has a lovely cabinet with moderate damage to the outside lid, but you should get a fairly good price if the machine is in working order.

Chao said...

Have you seen it's serial code? it would be easier to identify the machine and it's worth if we know what model it is. Vintage machine that is still in good condition can be sold 150$ and up depending on the model.

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Dunski said...

Priceless Lea !!!

Unknown said...

Don't know if you received my email however the person you need to speak to re the sewing machine is Rob from Treadles and Treasures. He lives here in Adelaide and revamps old machines. Just Google him for his phone number. Cheers, Julia.

Chris H said...

It's worth heaps, to the right person!