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Friday 18 October 2013

Port Elliot show

I know this is supposed to be a blog with at least a little crafting to show but at the moment all that I am playing with is secret. I am busy with bits and pieces for Gemma's wedding so nothing to show.

We did go to the Port Elliot show on Saturday her are some snaps.

There were rides which we I didn't go on.

These looks like fun

A goose with a bump on its head



From these came this ....... Now what to knit with it?

Sean spends every hour he can surfing this is about as close as Gemma wishes to get.


Lots of cows

Little cows little people

Very cute stripy cows


Little boys having fun

And of course this.




Lorrie said...

Fun times at the fair. Love the stripey cow/calf.

Our photos said...

Hello Leanne,
You have make beautiful photos!

Lynda said...

Those alpacas have the sweetest faces. Won't take you long to decide what to make with your beautiful purchase.

Susan said...

Love the goose with his bump - that made me smile! And the Zorbs look like fun! It's always a pleasure to stop by your blog Leanne!

Annie said...

Great show shots...these could be used in the local paper for advertising.

Jodie said...

Love the look of the balls on water but Am equally terrified of them. The cows I can love without terror.

Gillie said...

I am with you regarding those high fliers in the first picture! We had an alpaca farm on the lane to our house when we lived in England. Always made me giggle as they peered benevolently over the hedge.

Liz said...

great show shots Leanne. mine seems to be a travel blog right now, we'll get them back on track sometime and variety is good.. :)

Sue SA said...

Tell Gemma that Fiji is a good surfing and relaxing honeymoon destination! The stripy cow is called a Belted Galloway - pretty cool look! Great pictures as per usual, but where is the one with your face covered in toffee apple/fairy floss/hot jam donut?!

Dunski said...

I think Gemma looks very good on the board.. Sean take note !!

Jenny said...

You should be the official Pt Elliot show photographer! It looks like a fun time. I LOVE alpacas too and your photos capture their personality. I too loved the Goosebump-how funny. Hope your secret wedding bits are coming on well:)

Locket Pocket said...

Ooooh candyfloss! I LOVE it :)

I hadn't realised Gemma was getting married - that's exciting!

And your alpaca yarn looks lovely xx

Mrs Moog said...

Goodness me, I llok like a stalker - every blog I visit this morning Locket has been there just before me!

I love your photos of the show, especially the alpacas and their gorgeous yarn. In fact, I found myself looking closely at their coats and just imagining spinning them up!!