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Saturday, 27 October 2007

Busy week

This is the view out of my kitchen window.
It has been a busy week in our house. Lucas has finished school. He had the last of his formal lessons at school on Wednesday. We are very proud parents at the Final assembly Lucas was awarded 2 Academic excellence awards one for Maths in the Industry and the other for Furniture Construction. I have mentioned it before that Lucas is dyslexic so has always found school a struggle he didn't really want to go to school this year, he wanted to find an apprenticeship and leave school. We persuaded him to stay because we felt year 12 was important not only academically but also socially. He now says he is glad we convinced him to stay because he has had a great year. We have not put any pressure on him only that he do the best he possibly can. He choose subjects which he thought he would enjoy, he has done the first module of a plumbing apprenticeship through a vocational education training scheme at school. Although Lucas struggles with writing he is very good at maths, the school wanted him to do specialist maths but he decided that he would use the maths in the industry more when he left school so really enjoyed the subject. Like me he loves making things so furniture construction was another obvious choice, he has made a fantastic television cabinet which I will take a photo of when it comes home from school. He now just has to finish off a few pieces of work and he has finished year 12.
We had his end of year mass last night it seems funny that all our school contact is finished now we have one final evening his graduation ball in November. We laughed with other parents last night at how quickly the years have passed and the fact that we had paid our last lot of school fees and a new chapter of the boys lives was just about to start. It only seemed like yesterday he was starting Kindy.
This post has been largely about Lucas however he hasn't been still long enough this week for me to take a photo of him.
These are some of the roses on my side fence. I am sure we water our roses too much as mine have been fantastic this year with less water. We change our clocks tonight to summer time I am excited.
I have not done a lot of stitching this week so nothing to show I did make another set of pears as a gift.


CONNIE W said...

Such beautiful flowers!

dutchcomfort said...

Congratulations on Lucas’ gradution!! So you are both facing a new episode in your lives! The roses look wonderful! I never managed to have roses in my little garden.

Locket Pocket said...

Well done Lucas - you must both be very proud of him. It is strange that you are changing your clocks to summertime tonight while we change ours to winter - I could do with the extra hours sleep but I'm not looking forward to the dark days. I'll just have to keep reading your blog and looking at all your lovely flowers to keep me cheerful! Lucy x

Outi Loimaranta said...

Lovely flowers!

Thanks for the great tutorial for the thread holder. I made mine today, you can see it on my blog now, if you want to take a look.

Nicky said...

How wonderful for your son! Congratulations, it is wonderful that you appreciate that those subjects are important too and that you encouraged him to pursue his dreams. I am so glad that he overcame his dyslexia and passed Year 12, look forward to seeing the TV cabinet photograph soon. He must get his talent from his creative Mum!
From Nicky

keslyn said...

Sounds like we are both at the same stage in life, doesn't it seem strange not being envolved in school life after so many years. Also your garden looks wonderful, the roses are gorgeous.
PS I had some of my Tuesday ladies make your thred keeper today, I will post a photo later, thanks for the great tuitorial.

Annie said...

LOVE your roses and your view from the kitchen window is lovely. I am in search of your tute on thread holders, but got caught up with your proud moments. Congratulations on getting through. My son is starting High School next year and is Autistic so no doubt we will have our own trials.

Mrs Moog said...

Congratulations Lucas! You must be so proud of him.
I love your rosy view - do they smell as good as they look?

weirdbunny said...

I'm so glad your son enjoyed his last year at school. The colour of your roses are magnificent !

Leisa said...

Congratulations to Lucas, Two weeks of Yr. 12 left here in Queensland, so the final countdown is happening here - scary these boys being finished school.

Bea said...

Just found your lovely blog with Anja´s help. Thanks for all the interesting and cute thoughts and things.

meggie said...

Lovely happy post!