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Saturday 13 October 2007

X Stitch

While we were away last week I took this X Stitch to finish. There is a story to this - several months ago a good friend of mine Kerry who lives in Queensland rang me to say she had thought of me that day, while she was out shopping she had bought a X Stitch. Kerry and I met and traveled together when we were 21. We don't see a lot of each other as she has lived in Dubai for quite a while and now lives in Qld. The reason she thought of me was that I had X Stitched her a lovely garden scene as a wedding present.
I was glad she had thought of me when buying a X Stitch. However I thought it a bit strange as Kerry is very arty but definitely not a stitcher.
2-3 days later I got an email from her saying - thought of you again today am posting the X Stitch to you, you will do a much better job than me.
I finished it on holidays - it is for her niece who has just had a baby girl.


dutchcomfort said...

How nice of you to have it x-stitched for your friend’s niece! Your friend will always think of you when seeing x-stitches!!! It looks lovely!

Locket Pocket said...

That's beautiful Leanne - and very kind of you to do it! Lucy x