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Sunday 21 October 2007

Lesson in Blogger

I have just realized that if you do a draft and leave it for a few weeks it goes in as a post on that day hence I did a draft for my thread holder pattern and then finished it this morning thinking it would end up as today but no it has gone in on the 11th October. Learning something new every day.


Mrs Moog said...

Hi Leanne
I did this the other day but found I could go back in to edit and change the date to the one I wanted ( I think I clicked on the date) - hope that helps!
I want to know how you can do that crossing out a sentence/word thing. Such a learning curve!
I love those pears, they are so pretty and beautiful embroidery.
I hope your husband enjoyed the English autumn pics - glad to be of service :o)

meggie said...

I found that out the hard way too!
There must be some way around it though, because I have seen catchup posts, which have been dated correctly.

dutchcomfort said...

When you edit a post that you already have written, you will see there is a message-options button beneath the text you have typed. You can change the date and time there!
I do it all the time. I make posts on forehand because I sometimes don’t have time to make the photos. You can add when something is changed and give it a new date. Blogger has different options though, I think it depends in what country you live.. I can’t cross out words. I can only make them bold or italic. I have even seen posts with bigger typefonts and all kinds of colours... There are blogs where the blog will remain on your screen when you are typing a comment. Mine doesn’t. I don’t know why. I have seen lay-outs of blogs from blogger that I canot choose from, so... Every bit of explanation will help!

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Yeah, how do you cross out....things??? But really wanted to comment on your lovely pears....absolutely stunning. Colleen in South Africa

corry said...

This is new for me too!